DIY Crafting and Storage ideas from Cigar Boxes

For the last decade or so, cigar boxes have been popping up everywhere as a popular form of recycling. They are simple and sturdy, and they make great DIY crafting projects. So if you’re also looking to upcycle some old cigar boxes into something else, take a look at these ideas that we’ve gathered from around the web!

By gathering together this list, we hope you’ll be able to find something interesting for yourself or your loved ones, whether it be on your own or with a loved one.

A Rustic Drawer Makeover idea from DIY

This idea from mayaprojects is great if you want to go with a rustic or country look. The tutorial is pretty solid, and it’s clear that the end result is going to be as good as you can get. What we really like about this project, though, is that it’s also very budget friendly. The materials used in this tutorial are simple and can easily be found around the house.

“I dyed my cigar boxes orange and transformed my plain, old storage drawers into something new!! This was such an easy fix for a $5 box.

Ring Holder storage idea

This project is a little bit different, and it’s easily the most creative one in our list today because of its uniqueness. It’s a ring holder storage made out of a cigar box! We think that this is an awesome idea for some lucky lady; it’s something that she’ll be able to keep with her during all the important moments in life. Not only that, but she’ll also be able to use it as a jewelry organizer when she gets home.

A Box Shelving idea from Bored Panda

This idea from Bored Panda is really cool because of how you can use it to store books on shelves in your house or office.

Wall-Mounted Shelving idea

-glue thick pieces of craft paper to the back of a cigar box

-place on a wall, adjust for desired height

-use washi tape to keep boxes inside when not in use

-once shelves are complete, attach them together using large pieces of tape

-before you’re done stacking your new shelf, glue more thin strips of paper along the bottom edge in order to protect the floor.

A Pochade Box Makeover Project

-Paint your cigar box a desired color.

-Cut a piece of canvas to size.

-Apply Mod Podge to the canvas, and then apply it to the cigar box.

-Allow to dry completely before using it, this may take up to 48 hours depending on your environment.

A Chic Multipurpose Storage Box idea

-Attach a handle or rope to the top of the cigar box.

-Decorate with ribbon or lace.

-Drawers can be made using (4) 8 1/2″ x 11 pieces of cardstock, folded in half.

-Glue together end-to-end forming a box.

October 2016 Update: Added new Cigar Box Hanging Shelves photos and info. Also added a new Cigar Box Pochade Box Makeover Project photo and info.

A cigar box Bathroom Shelving makeover idea

One of the best parts of DIY is that you can get creative with materials and make things your own. If you have cigar boxes, here are some great ideas for using them to create a DIY project:

1. Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom Shelving

Hanging from the ceiling, these shelves are used for storing items that you don’t need to use on a regular basis, such as toiletries and makeup.


Utensil Hanging

Cigar box cutouts can be attached to cabinets and walls with adhesive hooks or with screws. The utensils you hang on the wall will always be neat and easy to find. These boxes also make great shelving in the kitchen.

2. Craft Storage

Craft Storage

If you love crafting, you’ll be amazed at how much space you can save in your home with these clever craft storage solutions.

Organize Your Shoe Rack

If you don’t want to buy a shoe rack, use a cigar box to create one. This is an easy way to keep your shoes organized in the closet.

3. Spice Rack

To help you keep your spices in order, create a spice rack using cigar boxes.

4. Jewelry box

Whether you’re just starting to collect jewelry or you have quite a collection, you can store it neatly in this beautiful cigar box jewelry box.

The box shown here was painted black and then cut in half to make the two side racks. The bottom serves as a divider between the two side racks. The top is divided into compartments

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