Easy Methods to Follow If QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

At times, if your QuickBooks has stopped working, you’ll be able to undergo plenty of troubles because it can majorly hamper your everyday work. Whenever it happens, you receive the trigger warning message that claims, “A problem caused the program to prevent working correctly.” As a result, to grasp what exactly gives rise to the matter and the way to debug it using different fixing methods, we’ve got explained all such information during this blog. to achieve an in-depth insight, you want to give this text an entire read until the top.

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What are the main Factors thanks to Which you can’t Operate QuickBooks?

Can you not work out the explanations that trigger the issue? to grasp, visit the listed reasons we’ve given below-

1. The issue’s first and most typical cause are often the damaged or corrupted QBWUSER.ini file.
2. If any QuickBooks files are damaged, you’ll be able to come upon this glitch.
3. confirm to test the name of your record because it may also be one in all the explanations. for instance, if the quantity of characters of the file name exceeds its maximum limit, the problem might appear.
4. An unexpected corruption on your Winchester drive can even cause trouble.

Are There Any Efficient Troubleshooting Methods I Can Apply When My QuickBooks Desktop Stops Functioning?

If you’re clueless about what to try to to when your QuickBooks doesn’t work, then have a glance at the solutions that we’ve got explained further-

SOLUTION 1: Edit the Name of the QBWUSER.ini File For Repairing the problem

1. within the beginning, you need to move to the folder where the QBWUSER.ini has been stored.
2. After you discover it, right-click on the QBWUSER.ini file to create changes in its name.
3. Click on the ‘Rename’ option and add ‘.old’ at the top of the particular file name.
4. Press the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard to save lots of the new changes.
5. Once you are doing it, now follow the identical process to vary the name of the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
6. In the end, relaunch your QuickBooks program to test if the problem has been resolved or not.

SOLUTION 2: Make Use of the fast Fix My Program Tool From the QuickBooks Tool Hub

1. Once you shut the QuickBooks Desktop application, download the present version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
2. Now, save the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file to a convenient location.
3. Click twice on the downloaded file and run it.
4. you want to act in keeping with the instructions prompted on your screen so comply with the terms and conditions.
5. to finish the installation procedure, tap on the ‘Finish’ button.
6. Next, open the QB Tool hub and click on on the ‘Programs Problems’ menu.
7. Finally, you need to hit the ‘Quick Fix My Program’ tool under the menu.
8. The tool will identify the matter and fix it appropriately.
9. Finally, when it’s done, run the QuickBooks Desktop.

SOLUTION 3: Scan and Repair Bad Sectors on Hard-Disk

Another reason why QuickBooks has stopped working in windows 10 after login is corrupt or poorly segmented Hard-Disk of the pc system on which QB is installed. So to repair the windows 10 QuickBooks has stopped working issue, you’ll be able to try scanning and repairing the bad sectors on Hard-Disk.

1. Simultaneously press Windows + E keys to open Windows File Manager.
2. Right-click the C drive and choose Properties.
3. head to the Tools menu and click on on Check now.
4. confirm to mark the Automatically fix classification system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors options.
5. Click on Start and wait until Windows completes the scan and repair process.

SOLUTION 4: Verify Internet Connectivity

An unstable internet connection may also be why QuickBooks has stopped working error in QB 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, and later versions.

To resolve it, we might suggest you verify your internet connectivity. For that, open the net Explorer on your system and access any website of your choice. If you’ll be able to access the web site through the browser, then it means your internet connectivity is unbroken and it’s not causing any problem.

However, if you can’t do so, you have got to test your internet connection settings for any misconfigurations.


We hope this text has provided you with valuable details about the ‘QuickBooks Has Stopped Working‘ error. If you need more info, don’t hesitate to succeed in intent on our team of experts via Toll-Free +1-855-856-0042.

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