eCommerce PPC Strategies To Skyrocket Your Online Sales

Exclusive eCommerce PPC Strategies To Improve Your Site Ranking and ROI

The rising popularity of online shopping has not only created revenue opportunities for sellers but has also generated more competition. From website design to promotion, eCommerce business owners are doing everything to make their stand distinguishable and grab customer attention.

One of the best ways to do so is running eCommerce PPC ads, this is the fastest and most demanded method for attracting relevant customers and increasing product sales.

However, there are several PPC strategies that work differently for different eCommerce stores. So, in this blog, we have enlisted some crucial eCommerce PPC strategies that will promote your online store successfully in 2022.

eCommerce PPC Strategies To Look Out For in 2022


  1. Pick a right advertising platform

If you have decided to promote your eCommerce store through PPC ads, you cannot afford to advertise on just any platform. Choose a platform that provides you with the right tools and benefits to advertising. For instance, Google Merchant Center and Amazon Advertising-these two are the most preferred platforms. However, you are not a PPC professional or an advertising expert, thus outsourcing eCommerce PPC services can take away the burden of researching and selecting an advertising platform that best suits your business and will help in promoting your eCommerce store to the right audience.


  1. Track eCommerce store’s performance

Once you have started advertising your products and promoting your store online, you cannot sit back and relax. It’s important to constantly keep track on developments and improvements in sales, whether your ad is performing well or are you receiving relevant clicks and visitors, bounce rate, etc. All of this needs to be tracked in real-time so that you take further steps to improve it.

  1. Voice search is the future

Modern problems require modern solutions and voice search is just the right example for it. Alexa, Siri, and other voice-activated intelligent assistants are highly used nowadays. In fact, most of the Google searches are done using voice assistants due to their flexibility and convenience. Various eCommerce stores are leveraging voice search technology to make the best out of PPC ads. You must be wondering how?


  1. Create top-notch landing pages

You cannot expect customers to buy from your store or even visit your store if your landing pages are dull and boring. You may create high-quality ad copies and PPC campaigns to attract traffic at your store, but if a customer clicks on it and lands on a poorly organized landing page then investing in PPC will be of no use.


  1. Upgrade your product pages

The end goal of eCommerce PPC services is to target the right audience who are interested in your products, encourage conversions, and generate more ROI. All of this is possible only if your eCommerce store is well organized, product pictures and descriptions are properly managed, and product listings are updated accurately.

Inaccurate listings can repel customers away from your store, as you are not delivering the product you are promising. Thus, outsource product data entry and get correct product descriptions, pictures, details, information, and more.


  1. Optimize your PPC ads

PPC ads will serve their purpose but you have to optimize them at regular intervals for best results. Firstly, you can use display ads and text ads to target a broad audience and audience with precise search queries.  Make sure your display ads have good quality pictures or utilize eCommerce image editing to generate attractive pictures. Another beneficial practice in optimizing PPC ads is to research which keywords got your store the maximum visitors and conversions. Using those best-performing keywords again in your PPC ads can bring you, relevant customers. Thirdly, utilizing ad extensions is another component of optimizing PPC campaigns and it can be in the form of site link extensions, review extensions, structured snippets, and more.


  1. Target keywords with high purchase intent

There’s no denying that keywords are the most essential part of eCommerce PPC, people search for specific terms, and if it matches with your ad the boom you got a customer. Now, the trick is to get conversions not just to be at the top of search ads.

Further, create campaigns that target customers who will surely buy your products, bringing you more ROI.


  1. Focus on retargeting ads to bring back existing customers

While running an eCommerce business always make sure that your previous or existing customers are taken care of, you do not want to lose them.

However, some existing customers may take some time off to buy from your eCommerce store. In this scenario, you can utilize a well-known eCommerce PPC strategy that is retargeting. It will help you display your ads in front of your existing customers who might have missed out on your products due to various reasons. But this can be your chance to get them back. The longer you keep the previous customers, the more ROI you generate.


Wrapping Up

Creating and managing eCommerce PPC ads requires an ample amount of time and effort. Since running an online business is not easy, outsourcing eCommerce PPC services would be an ideal option for owners who do not want to hire an in-house team but want to run an ad campaign from time to time.

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