How to Engage Event Audience? – A Event Marketer’s Choice

“According to a poll of event professionals worldwide, attendee happiness and event engagement are the most crucial indications of event success for 48% of them.” 

Although this was a foregone conclusion, most event planners are experimenting with providing the best possible experience for attendees.

As any successful event professional understands, the key to creating and maintaining a loyal attendee following is audience engagement. There are various tips and tactics to capture your audience’s attention, from amusing speaking sessions to interactive exhibit hall booths to fun contests and networking after-parties.

Through this blog, let’s explore more about those tips and tactics to enhance audience engagement layered with its benefits.

Tips & Tactics to enhance Audience Engagement

While there is a sea of options to select from, we have chosen the best ones that would bring you guaranteed success in audience engagement.

Social Media Wall

A social media wall tool is the best way to display real-time user-generated content submitted by attendees using the hashtag for your event. In addition, UGC gathered from various social and digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest is displayed on giant digital screens at the events.

A best social wall can help you engage with your attendees if your event is private by allowing them to contribute content directly to the wall. The social wall serves as a social hub, encouraging participants, presenters, sponsors, and fans to communicate.

An Event App

While at the event, mobile apps allow your audience to connect with you and develop a social presence. Having an app that prompts guests to merge their social accounts in the app eliminates the need for them to leave your app to share on social media platforms. Instead, encourage your users to share what they’ve learned in sessions and fascinating things they come across in the exhibition hall.

Planners can also get thorough information on event performance and ROI and enhance revenue through banner advertisements, premium listings, and sponsored push alerts.

Live Polls

Live polling is becoming a distinctive feature in the events mix as event organizers prioritize audience engagement.

Event Poll is an online or SMS-based questionnaire tool that allows in-person and webcast attendees to participate in live polls at your events. It functions in its most basic form via web-based answers or text messaging. The best part of Event Poll is that the replies are shown in real-time, and you’ll receive insights and results after the event. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming is an effective technique to engage with your target audience and tailor your message since not all people will be able to attend your event. Moreover, it’s a straightforward procedure that can yield significant effects.

You may stream live footage to a large audience and give your fans a unique look into your firm by harnessing your social media presence.

  • The live streaming market has grown exponentially, from $30 billion in 2016 to an estimated $70 billion in 2021 and $184 billion by 2027.
  • That’s a significant amount of growth, and it’s making marketers sit up and take notice, with 28% planning to increase their live streaming spending.

Benefits Of Enhanced Audience Engagement

Engaging the audience at your events can serve you many benefits that would be beneficial for the short term and long term. Some of the significant benefits are coming your way.

Promotes trust

Making your event engaging through the above features provides information about you to potential customers. It also allows people to see you as an educator and counsel rather than a salesperson trying to sell them something.

If they have any queries, you can answer them or provide genuine feedback on your products or services. You can also emphasize your strengths and set yourself out from your competitors. When you do this, your prospects will feel more connected to you, which will increase their trust in you.

Creates A Loyal Fan Community

It’s not unexpected that if you’re providing something fundamental to people, you’ll have a following of devoted fans who check your blog or social media updates regularly. They read and comment on your blogs because they want to learn more about the subject at hand, not merely to show their support for you.

You won’t need to keep pushing sales messaging all the time if you have a committed fan base. Instead, they’ll do word-of-mouth marketing by sharing their experiences with others, reinforcing relationships and establishing trust.

Improves Conversion Rates

Since you’re trying to establish credibility, your content should be focused on providing helpful information and resources that would hook attendees. It must be simple to read, comprehend, and share with others.

It’s also about establishing trust, so be transparent and honest. Make sure you express your thoughts and, more importantly, that facts back them up.

When you start pushing your sales messaging again, taking the effort to generate great content for your prospects or customers will dramatically enhance your conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

Enhanced audience engagement is a goldmine that gets marketers digging. It instigates several benefits that brands & businesses are looking to achieve. So, if you are searching to boost audience and user engagement, then this guide of ours is created just for you.

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