Most Significant Features of Legal Translation


What is legal translation?

Legal translation has specific characteristics different from other types of translation so we have some features of legal translation. 

Due to the specific features of legal discourse, including style, terminology, wording, and nature of the legal system. 

When the legal text is transferred from one language to another, it may require legal approval by the legal specialists in order to issue a certified translation of the legal texts.

Legal translation Dubai requires the legal translator to be highly familiar with “functional equivalence”, i.e. the translator produces a certified translation of a legal term with its legal equivalent in the source language to maintain the same legal effect of the source text.

Legal Translation Document

The documents vary in form and function such as court papers, witness statements, birth certificates, marriage contracts, and different types of contracts.

Even the simplest errors in translating legal documents can cause complications, legal accountability, and financial losses.

Moreover, Alsun pays great attention to setting and developing standards that control the quality of legal translation in Dubai provided to its clients in all branches.

What are the characteristics that any certified legal translation office should have?

  • The legal translation office should include a team of translators, revisers, and proofreaders with long experience in legal translation requirements.
  • The nature of the legal system in the target and source languages.
  • The legal translators should use the correct legal expression in a specific context of the target language.   Bear in mind that it provides a translation of a text depending on which experts will make crucial decisions.
  • The translators have hands-on and professional experience in the field of legal translation and certified translation. 
  • They can pair legal terms with what is legally equivalent in the source language without any prejudice to the legal effect thereof.
  • The team of Alsun Translation Dubai is the main point of its strength and differentiates it from other legal translation offices in Dubai.

The legal Team 

  • Our team of certified translators and experts has mastered various translation industries in most language pairs. These translations are approved and recognized by all the official authorities.
  • Our teams are subject to NDAs to secure our client’s information. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • we deal with, including but not limited to: the courts, notary public, the General Authority for Investment, and the Ministry of Justice. 
  • In addition to all ministries and consulates. Our team of translators has proven their ability to meet all linguistic, cultural, legal challenges, and all difficulties `

Features of legal translation

Translation professionals and scholars agreed on modularity based on a form and logic of legal discourse, and that each legal text belongs to a branch of law.

which in turn uses its discourse, and the legal meaning is not the same during the translation of texts as a legal translation.

This is what distinguishes legal translation from its counterpart, in which the scientific meaning is unified, whether it is translated into Arabic or English.

If you need to translate your project or document,  a translation company is your best option. The individual freelancer is usually specialized in one or two languages.

Branches of legal translation

The branches of legal translation share the characteristic of using a discourse characterized by terminology and a method of constructing sentences.

The legal translation must take into account considerations without prejudice to the communicative function of the text and the requirements of translation.

The legal language varies according to texts, as the language of legislature,  judiciary, administration, and the language of private law

While each is characterized by specific grammatical rules and writing styles. Each category must take into account the meaning of the legal discourse and the terminology. 

All of these features make legal translation is totally different and complex not like any other type of translation. As mentioned that legal translation specialized in translating legal contracts and financial agreements.

The turnaround depends on many factors such as the word count and file format.  However, regular translations take from one day to three days and we can make exceptions for urgent files.

Who we are?

Alsun is a legal translation office with a network of branches in Cairo, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. 

Alsun has provided its clients with legal translation in languages pairs in legal translation and gained their trust and satisfaction.

We only use tested legal translators, who are experts of the required language pair of the client.

Additionally, each translated document is subject to review and quality assurance process to guarantee a high-quality and accurate translation service.


Determining the best option for you whether a translation company or freelancer depends on your time and quality. However, It also depends on the type and volume of your projects, the technicality, and your financial situation.

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