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Find The Best Storage Water Heater To Suit Your Household!

Candy Storage Water Heater

In today’s busy running life, no one likes to wait for hot water while having a bath. Even though everyone uses water heaters to serve this purpose, they don’t serve the solution long. In such scenarios, storage water heaters come to the rescue.

The storage water heater operates on the principle that cold water enters the tank from the bottom and is heated within the tank. Once the water is heated to the proper temperature, turn on the tap and enjoy the hot water stream whenever convenient for you, and the remaining hot water is kept in the tank for subsequent use. Storage water heaters are fitted with various insulating coatings and walls to keep the water temperature stable for an extended period.

Let us look at some of the best water heaters that you can buy for your home.

Various top-class Storage Geysers are available online 

  • Storage tank water heaters:

Water heaters with storage tanks are prevalent in most residences. An insulated tank, generally containing 30-50 gallons of water, is used to heat and store the water until it is needed. A pipe emerges from the top to transport hot water to its destination, such as a kitchen, bathroom, or sink.

Storage tank water heaters or geysers are less complicated to run than tank-less models, resulting in less expensive maintenance and repairs. When these water heaters fail, their simple structure and functionality allow for simple, low-cost repairs. Tankless water heaters are more difficult and expensive to fix and, of course, replace. Depending upon their features, it can be time-consuming to find the best water geyser that suits your needs.

  • Geysers with 15 Liter of storage

Water pressure in a geyser tank is measured in bars. If you live in a high-rise structure, it is best to choose a geyser with rated pressure of 8 bar. These geysers have a storage capacity of 15 liters and can withstand 8 bar pressure. It is a lightweight appliance that weighs around 10 kilograms. It has a mechanical control and a bottom heating element that allows the geyser to fill water from the bottom and heat at the set temperature. It is then stored in the storage tank, and you can use the hot water according to your convenience.

The non-stick coating is produced by melting specific glass material at a very high temperature of about 850°C in an automated furnace. It is equipped with Crystal Blue Glass Lined inner tank that is a well-known technique used in solar water heating systems to help deliver clean hot water. It has Reverse Flow Technology, which uses electricity to heat up from one portion to another rather than directly heating the water. It incorporates double overheat protection, which detects the temperature of the water in both the tank’s top and bottom sections. You can check Candy Geyser 15L online for your household.

  • Candy geyser 25 L

Another variant of storage water geyser comes with a storage capacity of 25 liters and can withstand 8 bar pressure. It is a little device that weighs around 15 kilos. It features a mechanical control and a bottom heating element, which allows the geyser to fill with water from the bottom and heat to the temperature you select. It is then stored in the storage tank, and you may use the hot water whenever you want.

In this geyser, polyurethane foam insulation or PU high-efficiency insulation is an integrated new and extremely effective thermal insulation type. It can withstand overpressure in case of an excess load of heat. These appliances are used in areas where they contact water, which risks short-circuiting. This risk is reduced in this scenario since the geyser is water-resistant.

The inner intake pipes are intended to send incoming cold water to the heater’s bottom. Furthermore, the inner outlet pipes are designed to draw hot water from the top of the water heater, enhancing the water heater’s efficiency. These geysers are rated 5-star efficiency and hence are extremely energy-efficient.


Water heaters are found in every household and are extremely important to save time and energy. Finding the best storage water heater that is easy to install and adds to the aesthetics of the appearance of your household is a necessity. Apart from the aesthetic appearance, other safety factors such as insulation, water-proof devices, power outage protection, and automatic overheat safety should also be considered. Installation of water heaters is a hectic process, and investment in the same should be for the long run. Knowing all the features of the water heaters is of utmost importance to save time, effort, money, and energy.

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