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Fitness issues and concerns after using low-quality dab rigs

Dabbing has become a huge part of the cannabis culture. More and more people are using low-quality dab rigs to get high, not realizing that they could face serious health consequences as a result. This blog post will talk about some common side effects and fitness issues associated with low-quality dabbing equipment and how you can avoid them!

What is a dab rig, and how does it work?

An electric dab rig is a water pipe or bong that has been modified to be used with concentrates. To use it, place the concentrate on top of a thin metal stick called a “nail.” The nail heats up and vaporizes the product into smoke-like vapors, which are then inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Why are low-quality dab rigs bad for your health?

There are many reasons why low-quality dab rigs can be bad for your health. Some of these include the following:

  • Low-quality dabs often create a very harsh smoke and contain harmful chemicals which irritate the throat, lungs, and mouth. 
  • Regular use of low-quality dabs has been found to lead to weight gain and obesity.
  • People who smoke low-quality dabs are at risk of developing lung inflammation and respiratory problems due to harmful chemicals in their lungs. These include carcinogens that are present in both cheap and expensive low-quality dabs.

The risks of using a cheap, low-quality dab rig

Dabs can be expensive, which is why a lot of stoners opt to purchase one. Some people even resort to buying the cheapest dab rig they find – but this might not be that great an idea. By using low-quality water pipes, you’re exposing yourself to some serious health risks and problems.

One of the biggest fitness issues with low-quality dab rigs is that you’re not getting quality vaporization. Since there isn’t any temperature control, your dabs could combust instead of evaporating and turn into smoke – which will then be inhaled by you or someone else who might happen to breathe in some of it while stoned.

How to tell if your current rig is good or not

The most common method is to use the “pull” test while a friend presses down on your rig and tries to pull it apart from each other with pressure like you do when opening up two pieces of paper fastened together by tape or glue. If this happens, that means there was little-to-no adhesive holding them together, which means your rig has low-quality joints; ones made by machines in factories (most likely) rather than those done at home through handwork like welding or gluing using special materials such as glass or ceramic for example.

Another way to check if your dabbing device is of good quality is by seeing how much carburetor space there is between the joint connecting onto the oil rig. If it is very narrow, there might not be enough space for the vapor to flow through and instead gets stuck in some areas while traveling towards your lungs; this will cause you to cough a lot more than usual, which can lead to irritation of your throat or bronchial system.

Also, you could check if your dab rig needs replacing by looking at its “downstream” section where water filtration happens. A good downstream should have no visible amounts of carbon residue buildup on the inside walls from use. Otherwise, it means whatever product was used as an intermediary between the oil and air/water chambers has been eroded too quickly and completely.

Where to find high-quality rigs and what they cost

You will always want to ensure that the dab rigs are made from borosilicate and not soda-lime glass. However, it’s also important for dabbers to know where they can look online for the best portable vaporizers or in-person to find high-quality pieces when making a purchase. Here are some of the best places one might consider: 

  • Online: If you are looking for high-quality rigs, it’s always best to search online first. Usually, previous buyers review and rate most dab rigs sold online. These reviews and ratings can be instrumental in finding the perfect high-quality dab rig for you.
  • In-Person: If you are going to check out ahead shop, make sure that it is reputable. There have been many reports of shops selling soda-lime glass as high-quality borosilicate, and so the only way to know for certain what kind of rig one will be receiving is if they ask to hold it in their hands before the purchase.

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