Forest Bathing Certification: Forest Bathing Training and Well-Being

Forest Bathing Certification: Forest Bathing Training and Well-Being

The Forest Therapy School’s online Forest Bathing course is equally suitable for absolute beginners in health and wellness practices and professional wellness practitioners of various modalities.

Once enrolled in the program, you will be given access to The Mindful Space platform, which provides a seamless Forest Bathing learning experience online, with over 20 hours worth of in-depth reading materials on Forest Bathing, mindfulness, physical and mental wellness.


In all, this theory + practical training program enriches the in-nature training, deepens understanding, and provides our students with an ongoing knowledge on Forest Bathing to lead a successful tour or business relating to health and wellness.


If nature has touched your life in some ways and your interest and curiosity have to lead you here on our website, it is probably a good indication that you would like to turn this affinity for nature into something tangible. Our Forest Bathing training courses have helped and guided students to turn their passions into a lifestyle, a purpose, a career, a business.


This section discusses how this training could help you align your goals, add values to your life, and follow your inner guidance to ensure that you are living your very unique purpose.

How You Could Benefit From Our Practitioner Training

  • You will learn how to live in harmony with nature and maintain a balanced state of mind in everyday living and different trying situations you will encounter in life. Learn how to be kind to yourself and take better care of people close to you.
  • You will learn alternate and gentle ways to heal hearts, minds, and bodies. Shinrin Yoku training is particularly useful for health, fitness, and wellness professionals and may be used to enhance the effectiveness of other wellness modalities practiced by professionals in the fields of, including, but not limited to yoga, mindfulness, naturopathy, psychotherapy, massage therapy, meditation, energy healing, somatic movement, and medicine.
  • You will learn how to incorporate the newly acquired nature connectedness skills into your existing skills and create truly unique healing experiences for your clients.
  • You will learn about one of the most important aspects of our everyday living, natural unprocessed food, and conscious eating. What we consume, how much, and when all affect our well-being

While getting paid to do something you love is fantastic, getting a hug at the end of your workday is sometimes all it takes to make the hours of training worthwhile.


Learn to slow down and pace yourself to the rhythm of nature. Expand and deepen your knowledge of the healing powers of nature. Focus on what matters to your well-being and be inspired to serve others doing what you love.

Grow & Transform

Achieve a healthy work/life balance. Experience profound personal growth and development, and help transform lives as a certified forest bathing guide or nature-based wellness practitioner.

Create Value

Find your “Ikigai” or “The reason for being,” and live a life of meaning and purpose. Use your passion to inspire the service of others and, in that service, create the opportunity for business.

Become a certified forest therapy guide online or on a training retreat and be part of a growing movement to get people back to nature.

Turn your passion into meaningful work with our International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance accredited course.

Anyone who desires to deepen their relationship with the earth and themselves.

Aspiring guides who are excited about sharing forest therapy with others.

Coaches, therapists, healthcare professionals, yoga instructors, and other wellness practitioners who want to add a nature-based modality to their existing practice.

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