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Free refrigeration and air conditioning

Are you a handyman for repairs? And if these repairs have to do with air conditioners and air conditioning, if you would like to train in this, this is your lucky day. From we provide you with a totally free course on refrigeration and air conditioning, where you will learn all the knowledge and skills for it. Know how you can get free air conditioner grant.

What it means to have Free air conditioner?

Air conditioning equipment serves to regulate the temperature and maintain the quality of the air in closed spaces in optimal conditions, and thus allow people to carry out their activities in pleasant environments.

What does the air conditioning repairman do?

Air conditioning repairmen are in charge of giving preventive or corrective maintenance to the equipment so that they work efficiently.

Preventive maintenance: this type of maintenance consists of protecting the system against failures.

Corrective maintenance: this type of maintenance consists of repairing the equipment when it has already failed.

What conditioned equipment will we deal with?

There is a wide variety of equipment but this course focuses more on domestic or low capacity commercial equipment.

What job expectations does this job have?

The job expectation of this occupation is very wide, since air conditioning equipment is increasingly required in homes, schools, shopping centres, and many more closed spaces, which due to the climate tend to be very cold or very hot.

By training in this trade you can have your own business or work in a company that offers air conditioning services.

What does the course consist of?

In order for you to obtain the knowledge and skills required in this occupation, we organise a study plan. It consists of 4 levels, and these are:

1: at this level the operation of air conditioning equipment will be explained. As well as concepts about electricity and the behaviour of liquids and gases.

2: it will be explained how to give preventive maintenance

3: the most common faults presented by the equipment and how to repair them will be studied.

4: new options and air conditioning technologies will be studied.

And all this is divided into 8 videos that I attach below:

From we hope that this course on refrigeration and repair of air conditioners will be of great help to you. If you want more information on how to install an air conditioner, don’t miss this Expert Clima post. Cheer up and give it your all.


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