Why Gift Card Boxes Are Mostly Decorated With Gold Foil

In these modern times, there seems to be a box for everything. This is why for something as special as gift cards, dedicated gift card boxes can be seen too. These boxes need to be special to exhibit the love and care of the person who is gifting this luxury. This is why these are mostly covered with a gold foil to give them a more premium look.


One common reason why these gold foiled packages are getting popular is that these are memorable for the recipients. Gold is considered a premium metal, and therefore by foiling a gift card package with it makes it stay in the minds for longer. It is a good way to impress your family and loved ones with this premium packaging. The people to whom you gift this packaging will not forget the moment they received the package, and the smile on their face will say it all.

Durable And Resistant To Moisture

One other reason why people choose to go with gold foiling on their Gift Card Boxes is that it is durable in nature. It does not get torn off quite easily and will stick to your packaging for longer. Apart from its durability, this acts as a good shield for the box from moisture. This prevents moisture from getting inside the packaging. This is vital for products like gift cards, as they can be damaged with an excess of moisture inside the packaging.

Uplift The Brand Image

In this competitive world, only those companies succeed, which can impress their customers with their high-quality products. This is why some companies use gold foiling in their card packages to uplift a brand’s image. This is because the packaging is a small part of the company, and it represents how a company values its customers. Therefore gold foiling improves the reputation of the brand in the market, and this can lead to more potential customers for the company.

It Perfectly Highlights Your Logo

A logo is unarguably an essential part of brand recognition, and with the help of gold foiling, this can be presented perfectly. It is soft and extravagant and improves the look and feel of the packaging by ten folds. With a golden background and a logo in black color, this makes the perfect contrast, and the logo is highlighted more. It is important to note that you should always use high-quality printing for these logos, as this will add to the reputation of the company. Or you can go with an embossed look, which also goes perfectly with gold foiled print.

Grabs Attention 

For companies that are looking to catch the attention of the customers, there is no better way to do it than gold foiling. As gold is known to represent wealth and power, so people are generally inclined towards this shiny color. It can give a graceful look to the box, and the best part is that these are still rare, and not a lot of companies do this. Hence if you are looking to set yourself apart from the competition, then; this is the perfect way to do it. This will highlight your product while it is sitting on the retail shelves and will result in higher sales.

Gold Is The Color 

Gifting is an important ritual among human beings, and making it look special and more worthy is something that all people do. Gifts are exchanged throughout the year but especially on bigger occasions like Christmas and New Year’s. On these occasions, the most popular color blend is black and gold, as it defines luxury and class. So most gifts are themed with these two colors. Card packages take the inspiration from these gift packages, and this is why they are foiled with gold.

If you were confused about why Gift Card Boxes are often covered with gold foil, then most of your questions will be answered. They make the gift look more special and imprints a good memory in the minds of the recipient. Companies use these packages to target their customers on special occasions to make more sales. All in all, this is the best way to decorate any packaging.

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