Guardianlink Creates the buzz around the Crypto Market with its World’s First Cricket NFT Drops

Metaverse Cricket NFT

Cricket is nothing but a league where a few teams battle to win exclusive rewards. The game is a kind of religion to those fans who follow it till the end of the game. Cricket is now making its debut in a digital world with exotic rewards on board for the winners. The game was once a 60-over match, then came the ODI’s with 50 overs, a 5-day test, and a T20. Wow! Wow! Wow! It is going on and on and on till the end of my lifetime, like a never-ending story. 

Each and every time a player hits a century, the whole country celebrates it, and that’s the beauty of it. Hey! Wait, take a deep breath; you need to cover a lot more of this. Awe!, just kidding. We can make it crisp. The game has been evolving a lot and has added an extra mile to the road of entertainment.

What is the latest in the making?

Cricket is making the sport proud. You might have played cricket physically, or in a computer game, etc. Now it is digitalized more and has entered a new world, the “Metaverse.” The Metaverse’s cricket NFT drops are being launched in the marketplace, which is said to be a seed to the world’s first metaverse cricket game being launched this season.

Name the NFT Drops

The drops are part of the incredible cricket madness that is happening this season.

Here are something you should know:

The biggest NFT drop contains a mega super loot, and that’s where the biggest surprises are found. Get ready for your next level of cricketing action.

What is the Super Loot Box?

Let me clear it for you: The Super Loot is said to be a box of crazy NFT collections that are needed for the biggest cricket league happening in the Metaverse.

What does the Super Loot Box Contain?

The super loot contains any one of the following:

  • Metaverse Cricket Team Players NFT
  • Metaverse Cricket Team Players NFT + Authenticated signed digital NFTs of Legends

What is the Surprising Element?

The super loot will contain exclusive cricket NFTs, and when you own a minimum of five super loot boxes, you will get a chance to access the treasure box. That’s the biggest advantage. 

How to Book a Ticket to the Magical Wonderland?

If you are willing to book a ticket to the magical wonderland, just sign up in the NFT marketplace and fund your wallet. When the drop arrives, you will be prompted to make a bid and grab all the NFT collections out there.

The Master – Jump.Trade

GuardianLink created the NFT-based game Meta Cricket League as well as the gaming NFT marketplace

However, since its inception in 2016 as a blockchain research and development firm, the brand has earned a reputation for itself in the NFT industry. The company is now working on creating the world’s first cricket metaverse, starting with a gaming NFT marketplace. The hype is surreal and can be added to the biggest thing in the world. They are making it count, with the biggest event dropping in this April.

How do the NFTs act as an advantage to the Gaming Industry?

Unlike traditional in-game properties, non-fungible token-based in-game assets have the potential to unlock a new type of virtual economy based on deliberate item scarcity. Furthermore, NFTs prevent the creation of pirated copies of games, ensuring that gamers have a legitimate gaming experience.

Furthermore, such virtual tokens have a tendency to popularise play-to-earn (P2E) gaming as a vocation, as observed in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The Super Loot and the planned metaverse cricket game may expand this income potential to additional areas, like the Asian subcontinent. Even though some major gaming firms have encountered backlash from their customers for attempting to integrate NFTs into their existing ecosystems. Moreover, the Super Loot NFT drop event could be one of the first steps toward altering people’s minds about NFTs for the better. 

The Hype

Being an NFT enthusiast and a cricket lover, the game could weep you out. It is going to be one of the biggest events that are happening in a new dimension. The magical world is hosting a cricket game that is going to be a sensation. Stay put and grab all the NFT collections and become a part of the league, thereby owning a legacy. The biggest live-action drama is yet to begin. 

Be the hype the world is waiting for and hit a huge maximum. Play-to-earn is the new trend.


Become a play-to-earn Warrier and win exciting rewards as NFTs that could be traded on the marketplace. Grab all the collectibles on the fray and become a trend in the world’s first NFT game.

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