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Home renovation: HVAC maintenance hacks

Home renovation needs a lot of time, effort, and energy. One of the essential components of your home renovation is HVAC maintenance, and you cannot ignore it since it can make your indoor stay comfortable.

If you are still worried about your AC and heating unit maintenance and do not know what to do, try these easy hacks to check your Heating and AC unit.

Check the filters

The filters of an HVAC unit can often stay clogged and that can ruin the indoor ambiance. The system can take much more time than expected to heat up or cool down the room, consuming a lot of energy.

Make sure to remove the filter meshes and clean them under running water to remove the dust stuck in them. You can also use a hard brush and mild detergent to clean the mesh. A clean filter can function efficiently without any issue.

Check the duct and unclog it- The duct or the pipe, if clogged, can create major problems for the HVAC unit. It is easy to check the clogged duct. Turn on your HVAC unit, wait for the fan to blow, and inspect the vents and the airflow pressure of every room. You can easily understand where the duct clogged.

Keep the thermostat clean

Use a brush or a q-tip to clean the dust from the thermostat. But if it has a touch screen, use a mild cleaning agent specifically used to clean the touchscreen devices.

Take care of the fins of your outdoor unit- You would notice a metal grill-like design on the outdoor unit. They are called fins. The basic function of those fins is to keep the airflow uninterrupted and remove the indoor heat. Dirty or clogged fins are seldom efficient. A sprayer or a hose can used to clean these fins. A fin comb can help straighten the fins if they seem bent.

Evaporator coil Maintenance

The evaporator coil is located in the air handling unit of an HVAC system. It used to remove excess heat from the air before circulating it inside the room. A spray cleaner can easily clean the coils, but make sure it has no detergent agents that can harm the HVAC components.

Remove any obstruction that can harm your HVAC system- Remove or trim down the limbs of trees, like branches, etc. that may cause any trouble to the HVAC system.

Additionally, use a screwdriver to unscrew the fan cage, remove all debris and dust particles from there.

AC and cooling function inspection

As homeowners, we only test the heating system during winters and cooling during summers. But you can take professional help or conduct a DIY inspection of both AC and heating systems after every season. It may cost you quite less, but the professional can help identify the minor faults and repair them if necessary, saving you from a bigger problem.

Cleaning an HVAC unit is not an easy job. It needs your patience and time. Installing a system means you need to take care of the unit well, and keep it up and running for long. If you are not confident about your HVAC repairing skills. You can always have the option to hire a professional and get the job done.

The professional can check the safety controls, drainage line, circuits, condensate pump. And the valves and caps of the AC and heating unit properly. The electrical parts checked for damage signs and replaced if required. The HVAC maintenance professional would inspect the entire system. And service it in a manner that would improve the HVAC unit’s performance to its optimum level.

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