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How Astrology Can Help You Overcome Bad Fortune?

When tragedy occurs, it’s normal for anyone to take a moment to reflect on their experience. This gives one the chance to get into the energy surrounding them and motivate them. Vedic Astrology, as well as the knowledge of the influence of planets, provides a variety of remedies for bad luck that could help save people from the ailment or doshas.

If the planets and stars in one’s chart aren’t favorable, it is possible to follow one of the options below. Although it’s impossible to avoid or eliminate all negative events, its effects can be minimized.

While it’s not possible to completely avoid misfortune, however, we can be able to avoid a significant amount. But it is important to be aware that luck may not be able to disappear completely.

If it’s raining, it is possible to avoid being soaked with an umbrella. But it’s impossible to protect yourself with just an umbrella when you are amid an active Cyclone.

It is crucial to be aware of any unnoticed and undesirable bad luck. There are simple remedies that could save you in a significant way.

Salt – The Bad Luck Dispeller

Everyone knows how potent salt is. The verbal battle isn’t too far away when your partner has given you food with no salt. Salt has a significant significance in the field of Vastu shastra. Because it plays an important function in food and food preparation, it also plays the purpose of eliminating negative energy in the house and wards off the evil eye.

It is essential to make use of sea salt to fulfill the requirements of Vastu Shastra. It is a specialty in Hindu mythology because it requires nearly all Puja preparations.

  • The use of salt when mopping will help remove negative energy residing in the home. A little salt added to the water bucket could eliminate negativity from the house. Salt used while mopping could be beneficial over the long term. But, some believe that salt shouldn’t be used on Sundays when mopping floors.
  • Vastu dosh is a frequent issue in a modern metropolis. The massive population in the metro has doubled the Vastu dosh. The salt could remove the Vastu Dosh. So, you must put the sea salt into bowls and put it in various locations at home. When you’re at
  • If you’re feeling depressed, Take a pinch of salt into the fist, and then close the fist once. The salt should be drained out of the washbasin. Check to ensure that the salt has not floated in the washbasin.
  • Most restaurants and houses place salt at the tables. The act of keeping Salt on your table could be a source of prosperity and alleviate poverty for the people who live in the home.
  • If you’ve been experiencing pain and believe that the energy is negative within your home, you can pick up a sliver of salt. Wrap it in red cloth. It is then hung on a red cloth near the main entrance to the house.

Discard The Broken Mirror

  • Broken glass is dangerous to anyone. It could be the cause of accidents and injuries, not just for kids but also for adults. In the same way, a damaged mirror may have a devastating effect on the Vasu.
  • If you’ve got a broken mirror piece in the house, take it out immediately, as it may hinder the happiness and prosperity in your home.

Fire Fragrant Incense Sticks

Incense sticks with misfortune. Burning Incense helps to relax your mind.

  • The burning of incense sticks at your home is among the most popular practices not just among Hindus but also among other religions. There are numerous benefits of burning incense sticks in your home.
  • Infection and incense sticks There are many airborne illnesses. The infection can happen because of the air. Incense sticks are an asset and help to prevent airborne diseases. The smoke from incense sticks functions as an anti-bacterial and kills the bacteria.
  • As a confidence booster: Bursting incense sticks may relax both mind and body. When your body and mind relax, it will improve your confidence. So, it is recommended that you burn incense sticks before beginning any task deemed to be a blessing, whether it’s work or an interview.
  • Eliminating negativity: You can find several positive elements used when making incense sticks like Guggul and Loban.

Using gemstones can help get rid of misfortune.

  • Gemstones are among the most effective remedies for Astrology. If you’re experiencing misfortune and suffering from a loss of fortune, you can utilize gemstones. But, it’s crucial to consult with the best Indian astrologer in the USA to make sure you’re using the correct gemstones.
  • Indian astrologer in USA can guide you on when and how to utilize gemstones to counteract the negativity on the planets.
  • The negative influences of the planets caused by the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can be eliminated by using their respective stones.

Do your best Karma

  • The power of good karma always affects everyone’s life. It is commonly observed that The best Indian astrologers in USA  advise you to give food to the poor, crows, and even animals.
  • It is, therefore, crucial to assist others and help people in need. In addition, teach your kids to appreciate the importance of helping other people.
  • There are plenty of good Karma to do like planting trees, teaching children without cost, medical aid and even helping collectively during times of earthquakes, flooding, cyclones, or floods, for instance.

Make sure you pray regularly

  • The practice of prayer and meditation can have an enormous impact on life.
  • Prayer builds confidence, and strength and is a natural source of support.
  • It will aid you not just in your spiritual growth but also in material accomplishment.
  • The prayer that is collectively offered can be more powerful than individual prayer. So, it is best to pray and sing with other members of your family.


The negative imperfections and Doshas within a person’s horoscope may be utilized to one’s advantage. The Doshas that make you feel fearful most can help you and get you out of difficult situations. However, the born person might not know the techniques by which negative positions of the planets in his horoscope may be reversed. Indian astrologer in New York can help you out in such a scenario.

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