How CareCloud EHR Can Help You Remain Profitable During COVID-19

CareCloud EHR

Most practices have a few goals as their main objectives. They will want to be able to have profits generated at the end of a certain period, for example. However, in the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the potential for success in this regard. In the time of any medical crisis, revenue generation always tends to go down.

With CareCloud EHR, practices can gain access to specialized features designed to grow profitability and revenue. The different plans available through the software help you to take care of a number of the duties on your shoulders. For example, you can automate some of the more frustrating tasks, and avoid errors derived from manual entry of information.

All of this and more can help you fortify your standing within your region or area. However, there is always more you can do to solidify your place in the world of medicine. In order to remain profitable, you must combine the offerings from software with strategies that can improve your revenue. Here are suggestions for five ways you can do so.

Focus On Financial Resources

In the last two years, the government and a lot of other bodies such as insurance companies have been working on providing practices with financial resources. These can be a key part of delivering good results to your patients through the availability of help. If you are impacted by this pandemic, you may be eligible to receive financial aid through various funds.

Look into whatever resources are available and what your practice is available for. Keep an eye out for such resources whenever they appear and make sure you apply. This can help you cope with some of the impacts of the pandemic. There are even loans available for the practices that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic for various purposes.

Adopt To Telehealth Mechanisms

One of the biggest celebrities to emerge from the pandemic has been the rise in the use of the telemedicine process. This is a method through which the world of patient care opens up and expands beyond geography and in-person visits. In this time, the world of telemedicine has also been changed, and it has grown into a powerful tool with more efficiency than ever.

Through CareCloud EHR, you can also use telemedicine to address your needs. You can fill out a huge gap in the availability of features with this software option. It even has its financial benefits because it is being reimbursed at the same rate as a visit to your practice. And there is all the evidence to believe telemedicine is here to stay, so why not start now?

Strengthen The Administrative Side

When you think of administration at your practice, you may not immediately link the idea to the front desk office. In reality, this is where the majority of revenue generation will happen. Therefore, it should be optimized to include a few things. For example, CareCloud EHR lets you carry out an eligibility check, checks for authorization, and identifies deductibles.

In the world of COVID-19, you need to make sure your patients are safe. Some practices are opting towards contactless services. This will obviously have an impact on the kind of services offered and can impact revenue. Therefore, in order to truly maintain a healthy relationship between administration and billing, you must decide how to keep patients safe.

Look For Weaknesses And Correct Them

This is a time when you are probably seeing a decrease in the number of patients who are visiting your practice every single day. You may even have a lower number of staff members visiting the practice as some of them may be working from home. This is a sort of natural downtime for your practice and can be used to reassess the weaknesses in the system.

There are some analyses you can carry out to figure out what stalls you from generating the right amount of revenue. For example, you can have a look at the visits that impacted your system negatively, you can take care of delayed entries, follow up on denied claims, etc. This is also a great time to document the process used for revenue cycle management.

Plan Ahead For Crises

Just like any other health crisis of the past, this will on its own, slowly pass too. The world is bound to return to a sense of normality, and the flow of patients may also return to the way it was before the pandemic. However, that may not exactly be what you are prepared for at the moment. Of course, we want things to get better, but how will we react when they do?

It is important that you take this time to plan for the future. What do you expect the new idea of normalcy to be? How will you cope with patients if things go back to normal? Can you and your staff even handle that kind of patient flow anymore? And how will you remain prepared for the next pandemic or crisis? These are important questions that must be addressed.


At the end of the day, you cannot be held responsible for a global pandemic that has had an impact on every walk of life. However, your survival as a practice depends on what you do at this moment to combat this risk. The action of learning from the mistakes of the past, and changing in order to improve and grow, is the biggest step to remaining a strong force.

CareCloud EHR is a wonderful tool that can help you throughout this journey, and allow you to maintain your place. If you are interested in having the software on hand, you can get some information such as the CareCloud EHR demo from the vendor. You can also ask them about the CareCloud EHR Cost, or read CareCloud EHR reviews for more details.

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