How Different Packaging Maintain the Delicacy of Custom Candle Boxes?

For many of us, candles are the true symbol of light, love, passion, and humility. In the past when for the ancestors, it was just a piece of decoration to be used in the houses or for events. You cannot expect any of the birthday parties, baby showers, or housewarming parties happening without the placement of the colorful and amazing candles. This is just because that the flickering flame will create away a piece of mind and will bring a soothing effect. 

We all know that a candle is a delicate object, and it requires proper handling and storage for transportation. If you want the candle items to reach the customer in good shape and in the right structure, then choosing perfect custom candle boxes is something that should be your top priority. 

Different materials are used for the manufacturing of the candle boxes. And the way you are using any material will have a huge impact on the delicacy of the box finishing. Here is the list of important materials which you can opt for manufacturing the custom candle boxes. Have a look:

Custom Candle Boxes Cardboard

On the top of the list, we have the amazing option of cardboard for your candle boxes. In your daily lifestyle, you will definitely be caught with so many products which are packed in the cardboard stuff. This is one such packaging material that has been loved by manufacturing companies due to its eco-friendly nature. They do have a durable nature with which they can protect the item from any damage at the time of shipping. 

In addition, the flexibility within the design is also making it to be the perfect option for the candle packaging. No matter whether it is the tower candle, cylindrical candles, or the wax pot, these cardboard boxes are the best fit for all products, and they are safe for you. 

Plus, you will find them easy in customization as well. They are easy to get customized change into any of the shapes, colors, and themes of your choices. This is how it gives you the freedom to either pack a single or a bundle of decoration candles without any hassle. 

  1. Square window boxes

If you want to let the candle get displayed in an elegant manner, you should straight away be choosing with a square window box. These boxes are generally available with a single-window on its front or the top load side display. Some of them are also available with windows on all four sides, which add the whole box with an appealing effect. They do keep the product safe from any sort of friction and will prevent it from getting damaged. However, it is observed that custom packaging is the only way with which you can market the candle product better in front of the end-user. 

Some of the boxes are attached with the ribbon handle as well to add extra enticing flavors. It will enhance the whole appeal of the box and yet improve your brand sales as well. 

  1. Hut shape box

If so many candle brands are available in the market, then it generally increases the competition to be on the top of the buyer list. This is the main reason that you will see a wide range of innovations coming in your way of box packaging designs. 

You will also catch some unique shapes too in which hut shape box is extremely the most popular one. It is all embedded into the cone shape designing with the cardboard material in the square base. Hence, it will definitely fascinate the buyer to purchase it where they can also use it as the decoration item too. 

  1. Tray box

Tray box is another most amazing style of box to catch for the custom candle boxes. This box is a great option if you want to pack all your candles into the floating-style or the towering candles horizontally. In order to maintain the whole integrity and yet to keep the candles away from the scratches, the divide are also include in the tray boxes. They will enable the candles to stay organized and will stay safe at the time of delivery. 

Another reason for the high popularity of tray boxes is that they act as the perfect display box too. It is the choice of the buyer to pick the whole box, or they can also choose one candle out of the package straight from the display rack inside the store.

Candle tray gift boxes are equally available. They are fully cover with colore wraps, and they are tie with the decoration of ribbon bows too. This is how you can target more customers towards your brand in an inspiring manner. 

  1. Corrugated boxes

Next, we have corrugate cardboard boxes, which are the safest and quick option to get your products deliver in bulk. When it comes to the national and international shipments, for them choosing corrugate boxes is the best option. 

The reason to choose corrugated boxes is their cost-effective nature and being high in tensile strength, which can bear any sort of load. If you really want to protect the items from breakage or any damage during the shipping, then choosing corrugate boxes is something we recommend the most.


There are numerous candle packaging materials that are available on the market for protecting delicate items all at once. They do keep the product safe from any sort of friction and will prevent it from getting damaged. You need full attention while selecting the material because, at the end of the day, the sale of your brand completely depends on the material quality. 

Try to check out what your competitor brands are offering and what material they are using for the box manufacturing. Don’t copy them completely but see what latest trends of box packaging they are following for their candle items.

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