How I ended up doing a Nose Job. Rhinoplasty Journey!

I remember very well that I never snored when I sleep, but after my car accident which left me with a deformed nose, my wife noticed that sometimes when I am sleeping, I snore. She used to wake me up at night to ask me to change position, but even when I do so, I keep snoring.

I decided to check my doctor who treated me after my car accident, and he told me that snoring might be a result of my deformed nose. So he advised me to consult an ENT to get a better diagnosis. I consulted an ENT specialist in Dubai Novomed, and he asked me for some screenings and medical tests, and yes, he confirmed that snoring is related to my nose shape.

He recommended to have my nose treated, and that I will stop snoring. So he gave me the phone number of his friend, who is a plastic surgeon in Dubai Novomed center, and asked me to contact him for a rhinoplasty. I called the plastic surgeon, booked an appointment, and went to see him. During the consultation, he checked my nose, asked me how it was hurt, and checked the screening photos and the tests’ results.

According to the screenings, he told me that my nose bridge is a little bit damaged and deviated, so he will have to adjust it during the surgery, and then I won’t snore again. I was glad to hear that, so we agreed on performing the surgery in 3 days.

On the surgery day, my wife accompanied me as the doctor asked me to avoid driving on this day. I got prepared for the surgery, the nurses accompanied me to the operation room, where the doctor was waiting for me. The surgery last around 2 hours and a half, and it was successful.

After the surgery, the doctor came to see me in my room, explained to me that he adjusted the bridge, fixed the shape of my nose, and assured me that no scars will be left on my nose because all the incisions are inside the nose. He prescribed me some medications to relieve pain and avoid any inflammation.

After 2 weeks, I noticed that I am not snoring again, and I can sleep calmly, and so does my wife. I am very happy with the results, especially since rhinoplasty didn’t only fix the shape of my nose, but also improved my health by treating snoring! Thank you Novomed and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for Rhinoplasty in Dubai!


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