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How Social Media Management with Professional Help Can Fetch More Leads

7 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies You Must Try

Do you know that social media marketing can lower costs for businesses by up to 45%? It sounds too good to be true, but businesses can now grow by 25% simply by using social media platforms for generating leads!

Every time you hear the words lead generation, social media isn’t really the first thing you think of. But it probably should be, given how it impacts business growth and revenues. Almost 75% of B2B consumers are incorporating social media in their decision-making efforts!

Companies that have been using marketing strategies for generating leads on social media have achieved positive results. They have successfully built brand awareness, generated conversion, achieved sales productivity, and produced more revenues. So, what’s keeping you away from all this?

To do this right away, seek professional expertise from experienced and reputed marketing companies like Lead Marketing Strategies. When your buyers feel a “high brand connection,” they are more likely to buy from you or even pay a premium for a product.

What are some ways to generate leads through social media?

  • Who doesn’t enjoy freebies? So, you can always use giveaways to attract viewers on social media. You will find these are campaigns that people won’t mind sharing on their feeds. All you have to do is make an entry form and you get to access important lead data!
  • Just like freebies, consider surveys and polls to know first-hand what your target audience is feeling. You will be surprised at the number of things you get to know about them. Polls offer a great way to get people’s opinions and this works like feedback for you. You learn how your products are being used, whether they are making an impression, what the shortcomings are, etc.
  • Refer-a-friend is an excellent, albeit tricky, way to get people to notice you! If you can execute this properly you can initiate referral campaigns to engage better with followers. 92% of shoppers will trust recommendations coming from family and friends; so, this can be a great way to get people on board!
  • Discount codes work every time when it comes to promoting brand awareness and generating leads. You have to include a strong, hard-to-miss CTA and time constraints. That invokes a sense of urgency and people will be forced to respond to the campaign. This is a great strategy for combating increasing cart-abandonment rates.
  • Promoting gated content with professional help can fetch you more leads than you thought. You can create posts that direct customers to your landing page, where users are persuaded to fill out forms. That generates new leads for your business, but for this to work; social media posts have to be engaging and informative enough.

For all this and more, you can trust your marketing agency to implement effective social media management. They can customize a social media marketing plan for you, even in collaboration with your in-house team. The idea is to create content that makes a difference and drives the audience to take some action.

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