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How to connect canon lbp6230dw printer to wifi mac?

The printer is renowned for its fast photo printing. It’s easy for you to link the printer with the smart device and select the prints you want to print easily. The speedy printer lets users print out glossy and semi-gloss pages with high-quality prints. This printer is compatible with Windows, Mac in addition to phone devices.

Once you’ve completed your Canon the wireless connection is set up has been completed, you will need to configure the printer drivers that come with this Canon printer to the device.

Once you’ve installed the Canon printer, you must install the driver for your printer immediately. The printer won’t know the controls on your PC until you have installed the driver on your PC. The driver relays the control signals and relays them onto the printer. If you’ve got an internal disk drive on your personal computer, you’ll be able to copy the setup from the driver disc you received along with your printer. However, the majority new PCs don’t come with an internal disk drive. In all of these devices, it is possible to download the driver for the printer from the internet.

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Start the web browser

Check out the Canon website (or look up the link to the Canon printer installation guide )

Look for Canon lbp6230dw printer driver

Hit the Download button next to where the installer of the driver is located.

Be patient until you have completed the download process for your driver

Visit the downloads folder of your PC

Click and complete the Canon driver installation for the printer.

Follow onscreen controls

Just click the link to type

Click OK to confirm.

After completing with the Canon printer driver configuration try to print an example printout.

Linking Canon lbp6230dw printer into Wi-Fi

Canon printer has an option to monitor Wi-Fi, so users can print out the prints without data cable. This is an extremely efficient technique when printing printouts from an electronic device such as a phone. It is easy to activate the Wi-Fi on both devices and then select the prints. Here are the steps to follow to follow for Canon the lbp6230dw configuration for Wi-Fi:

Switch on your Canon LBP6230DW printer

Go to the Control Panel

Make use of the arrow to navigate to Wi-Fi configurations

Click the OK button on the Wi-Fi page for configurations.

Once more, tap the OK button

Select the Wi-Fi option

Your Own Canon printer will begin to search for the device that is accessible

Choose the title of your device

Enter your Wi-Fi username

on your Computer Browse to Printers and Scanners page

Choose Add Device option and then click Canon LBP6230DW connect to WiFi in the list. Click OK and provide the print option. You can take the printouts of the files as well as the photos.

Instructions for shooting printing using the LBP6230 Canon

Print your device to the system

Make sure to connect your gadget (pc ) with the exact same system

Make sure to include web pages printed on the tray for input on paper

Go to the control panel, and then select Wi-Fi configurations

Click the OK button

Pick WPS link

Press OK

Then, you can print on your computer and then select Canon printer on the list. When the printer has the control, it will to start printing your files.

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