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How To Create An App Like Uber/Lyft? Step-by-step Development Process

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Remember those days when we used to wait for hours to get a taxi? Those were the days when we had no smartphones and internet connections. The game got totally changed when Uber made its entry into the market. The mobile app concept was completely new for people, yet they gave it their try because it was instant and easy for operations. 

Their huge success in the market gave way for other companies to try out their scope. Now, the taxi booking app market is one of the largest and leading industries in the world. Moreover, they are dominating the world economy. What’s more on the kit to miss talking about them? The lucrative industry is wide-open to invite more enthusiastic entrepreneurs to shine out in the race. This blog will deal with discussing every possible way to build a spectacular app to ace the competition. 

Why is it a better option to launch a taxi booking app like Uber?

The advent of taxi apps almost ended the traditional taxi operating businesses. Can you figure out the reason? Simple. People do not want to spend too much time waiting for their taxis. This time is what makes a huge revolution in the world. There are several such convincing reasons to launch a taxi booking app like Uber, which have been listed below,

  • An opportunity to reach out to a large customer base

Smartphones are the most advantageous option we have in our life. People are accustomed to mobile phones for all their demands. Moreover, it is convenient for them to book their rides or order their food through these apps. In a taxi operation business, having a digital presence will help you skyrocket your business. 

In a short span of time, you could reach out to large numbers of customers for your app. So, never give a second thought to starting your taxi-hailing business. 

  • It will boost your brand value

Budding entrepreneurs will never deny the fact that, in some way or the other, they are admirers of Uber or Lyft. Both the pioneers are outshining in the industry through their unmatchable services. Hence, now you would have understood the importance of brand value. In your case, you can build a strong application that will help you in growing in every instance. 

  • Be the adjoining point between the customers and drivers. 

The major role of a taxi booking app is to act as an intermediary between the customers and drivers. With a taxi booking application, you can build a platform between them to access each other. In simple terms, act as an aggregator and earn your revenue through them. Moreover, in several business models, this is the focal point of revenue generation. This is widely considered the unique way to succeed in a business by identifying the potential gaps between the customers and service providers.

Step-by-step points to follow to build a taxi booking app like Uber or Lyft.

  • The foundation of a business starts with basic research where you can analyze the potentials of your business. This is where brainstorming happens that leads you to form new ideas. 
  • The market where you are stepping into is already filled with several players. Now, you have to analyze their market value and strategies. As the saying goes, “There’s always a silver lining.” You might find some aspects which they might have missed out on in their business which you can utilize for yours.
  • Decide the ways to monetize your app as revenue generation is the major concern of a business. There are several methods for earning but try out only those things that look possible. 
  • The last step is to transfer your ideas from paper to reality. Start approaching app development firms for your Uber clone app. It is also highly recommended to go with a ready-made script as it is cost-effective. 
  • Once the app is ready for launch, go for testing. The app developers will remove the bugs and give you away  a fully operational app that is ready for launch. 
  • Promoting a product is as important as spending money on the development phases. However, choose digital marketing streams to promote your product at a high level. 

What are the essential features to consider in your app like Uber?

A technically sound application is necessary to step into the digital business. Let us see the important features that will help you in this taxi-hailing business.

  • The app registration process should be simple and easy to understand. So, enable your users to register using their phone number, email address, and social mermaid account.
  • The users can book their rides by providing their right pick up and location and drop-off location. The algorithm of the app should connect the users with nearby drivers. 
  • The app should have in-built GPS that will help the users to track their rides in real-time. However, through this, the users can predict their expected time of arrival(ETA).
  • Develop your app with map integration, which can help the drivers track their users’ location swiftly. 
  • Fare calculation is another important feature you should include in your app. The AI interfaced algorithm will calculate the fares based on the routings, distance, demands, traffic congestions, and various other uncertainties. So, the users should get instant details about their ride costs.
  • When the users ride with your app, you can also encourage them to pay through your mobile wallet. Allow your users to create their wallets in the app and recharge them with cash. 
  • Mobile wallet integration will be one of the best ways to motivate cashless transactions among users.
  • The mobile app should send instant notifications to the users to keep them engaged with the app. 

What are the factors that will impact your total cost for app development?

While calculating the cost of your app development, there are several factors to consider. Some of them are listed below,

  • App platform 
  • The UX/UI design
  • App size
  • Advanced features 
  • Customization standards 
  • The geographic location of the app developers team

Wrapping up

Taxi booking app development is not as easy as you think. There are complexities embedded in the development process. So, it is essential to hire the best developers who can work on any technological stack. Hence, here starts your hunt for developing a robust Uber clone.

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