How to get more reviews for your business?

Why are good reviews important? Your business needs positive customer reviews because people who experience your brand, define you.

Whether you are running a repair business through repair shop software or own a restaurant, reviews are imperative.

You must encourage your happy customers to take some time and give a review. It helps you to establish your position as a trusted business. Here are a few strategies businesses must adopt to get a good review.

Automate your review taking process

There are many services out there, which can help you automate your review-taking process. For instance, you can use Twilio. Through this service, you can send review links to your customers along with the receipts.

Automating the review process will save a lot of your time. You will never miss giving a reminder for a review to your customer.

You can offer incentives

Offering incentives to get a review is another option. But this comes with some loopholes because Google doesn’t allow you to do this.

Suppose someone reports that you are giving incentives for a review; Google will eliminate that review. But in a few cases, it works. For example, you can use it for Yelp and Facebook reviews.

At times shops offer discount coupons to their customers when they leave a review. Another good strategy is to give them a 5$ or 10$ discount on their next visit. It will help you to retain your customer. You can easily get this service by using Revv.

You can also offer them something free. For instance, if you run a repair business through repair shop software and a customer comes in for a screen replacement, you can give them a complimentary tempered glass and ask them to give you an online review.

Use QR code

If you want to get a review, make the process easy and smooth for your customer. The more convenient it is for customers to leave a review, the higher the probability that they will.

All your customer has to do is just scan a QR Code and it will take them to the page where they can quickly leave a review. And the best place to put a QR code is on the counter where the customers check out.

You can also post it on the social media platforms of your business. It will help your previous customers to give a review too.

Ask them for a referral

You can’t directly ask your customer for a referral. But subtly, you can. Because before asking for a referral, you need to know about their experience. For instance, you can ask, “Are you satisfied with our service?” If they say yes, you can ask them for a review.

Develop an emotional connection

If you want your customer to give a good review, you must emotionally connect with them. It is not an uphill task. Emotionally connecting with your customer will help you to build a long-term relationship.

For instance, you are running a repair shop through a POS software. Talk to your customers, ask them about their device, how they use them. Share a relatable story. Do what you have to, to find a connection.


Lastly, tell them the importance of their reviews. Explain how you’re a small or local business (if you are), how they should support you. It will help them to develop an emotional connection with your business.

Give them an extra service

People like complimentary things. So offer your customers a free extra service. For instance, a customer came for a mic change in your repair shop; you can clean their charge port for free.

This additional service will make your customer happy. It won’t take a very long time on your part either. This will beckon the customer to leave a good review for you. There is also a significant probability that they will come again to your shop.

A follow-up text can go a long way

You can also connect with your customers with a follow-up text. But make sure you effectively use this strategy because people are usually reluctant to put an extra effort into giving a review, especially once they leave your shop.

A follow-up message can help you build a good relationship with your customer. You can intimate them of upcoming promotions. You can offer them a special discount. After developing a good connection with your customers, you can also send them a review link.

The best way to get a positive review from your customer is to ask them to rate your service out of 5 before you send them the review link. For example, if they give you 4 out of 5, you can send them a review link.

But if they rate you less than 4, you have a chance to inquire where you are lacking.

It will give you genuine feedback that you can work on to make your services better too.

You can use services like Revv and Voxie to ensure only positive reviews get published.

Give incentives to your employees

You can also get more reviews by giving incentives to your employees. For example, you can give them a $5 bonus on every new review they’re able to get out of a customer. It will also encourage them to put more effort into their job. By this strategy you can also develop healthy competition among your employees.

All the above strategies can play a little part in gaining more reviews. However, it would be best if you always went the extra mile to get good reviews from your customer. Then, your effort will pay you off in gaining good customer feedback and improve your brand positioning.

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