How To Judge Perfect Security Seal For Our Need


Among the many markets and applications where plastic seals are routinely employed to prevent tampering, these include truck trailers, shipping containers, currency bags, utility metres, and aircraft food trolleys, to name just a few examples. They play a critical role in protecting the supply chain. As the saying goes in the transportation sector, “Australia Stops Without Trucks.” This article aims to examine in further detail various types of plastic cable seals and their unique characteristics and advantages.

Plastic Security Seals with Adjustable Length

Plastic seals with adjustable lengths and strengths are the most versatile; they can be tightened tight to secure things effectively. They are utilised in various industries, from transportation to banking and finance to manufacturing to retail to education to food and pharmaceuticals to medical and utilities. In addition to protecting vehicles, freight trains, cash in transit, jewellery and vote boxes from robbers, they can also be used for many other reasons.

Plastic Security Seals of a Predetermined Length

As the name implies, fixed length seals have a single locking position that is set at a specific length. A large number of them are employed in the transportation and supply chain industries and loss prevention.

Plastic Seals: Fixed Length vs Adjustable Length

Due to the fact that fixed-length seals have only one locking position, they are regarded as more tamper evident than other seals. To prevent tampering, users of adjustable seals should be aware that the seals must be pulled as tightly as necessary for the application to avoid any circumvention of slack wire seals. You risk allowing a thief to go into an unlocked area, cut the adjustable length seal off, get inside and then reapply your (now shorter) security seal.

To solve the problem, experts will notify you if a seal has been cut and re-sealed; however, these indicators usually are apparent only upon close physical inspection, which is not necessarily part of the receiving routine. It’s easier to tell if a fixed length seal is intact because the seal can be received with its lock on or its lock unlocked. It is impossible to reapply a seal once it has been broken.

 Padlock Security Seals in Plastic

One further example of a fixed length seal is a plastic padlock security cable seal. Utility metres, cabinets, and food carts are all popular targets for this type of lock. They have a larger print area so that greater information can be displayed. They’re frequently found in the aviation, food service, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. We may print a customer’s logo, serial number, and barcode using the larger print area.

Making the Correct Seal Choice

Using a security seal is a reliable and cost-effective way to accomplish two main goals. To prevent tampering and theft, first and foremost. First and foremost, it serves as a sense of comfort and safety. Varied customers have different requirements, and each seal has a specific purpose.

A seal’s tensile strength (its ability to bend or break) is just as critical as its length. For tamper evidence protection and quick and easy access, a seal on a fire extinguisher or first aid pack will likely need a low break strength. To protect cash bags, a seal with higher tensile strength is required.

The break strength of our plastic wire seals ranges from 15 to 40 kg. Choosing the right seal depends on your application’s break strength requirements.


Some Additional Points to Choose the Perfect Seals


  • Determine what is most important to you.
  • The seal tag you select should be able to fit your device.
  • Ensure adequate safety and toughness.


When it comes to choosing a security seal, our staff members are always delighted to help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. There are many seals to select from, so you can pick a seal based on what you need to be protected. In addition to bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals, and nylon seals, there are many other options. To save money, don’t just go for the cheapest security seals. Investing in a quality product will ensure that your valuables are safe. You’ll be worse off financially and psychologically if you suffer a loss.


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