How To Look After Stairlift Installed At Your Home

Stairlifts can be a crucial mobility help in the home, but it’s critical that these mechanical goods are kept in good working order so that they can continue to perform as needed.


As with any piece of equipment with moving components, especially those that are motorized, maintaining them adequately maintained is the key to ensuring that they continue to function properly.


Knowing how to maintain your stairlift and getting stairlift service done can be difficult if you have no prior mechanical or maintenance skills. However, once you know a few simple principles to follow, it’s really straightforward and almost anyone can accomplish it.

So, here are some helpful hints for keeping your stairlift in good working order. Also, always complete these duties when the stairlift chair is at the bottom of the stairs and turned off.


Always read the instruction manual.

Before doing any maintenance or cleaning on your stairlift, you should spend some time reading the instructions that came with your stairlift. This will most likely include precise maintenance recommendations, as well as a list of tasks that you should and should not attempt to complete.

The Track should be Lubricated

Another helpful tip is to oil the stairlift track on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in the chair becoming stuck. That might happen at any time, putting the user at risk. When the supplier performs the installation, he will include some supplies.

Continual Maintenance

Whether you buy a new or used stairlift, you will almost probably be offered a stairlift service package for it. It is strongly advised that you take this out and, at the absolute least, obtain annual checks.


This implies that a skilled and qualified engineer will come to your location every 12 months to evaluate the equipment and execute maintenance activities to verify that everything is in working condition.

Examine all moving parts.

Perform a visual and manual inspection of your stairlift’s moving parts. Check that everything moves and functions properly.

Examine all of the screws and bolts.

Examine all bolts and screws to verify they are not loose. Tighten as needed. If you find a loose part that you are unable to repair, contact a professional for assistance.


Avoid using solvents and bleach.

Never, ever use solvents, bleach, or other household cleaning chemicals on your stairlift. Stick to a moist cloth at most to eliminate dust, carbon, and grime buildups. Using bleaches or solvents might harm the equipment and even void your warranty, leaving you with a dangerous and costly dilemma.

Get an annual inspection

Have a reputable specialist inspect your stairlift once a year. The examination will make certain that everything is in working order. This is especially crucial if the stairlift is frequently used or has been in use for a long time. If you feel there is a problem with how it operates, contact a specialist immediately.


Cleaning Your Stairlift

Keeping your stairlift clean is critical to its longevity and effective operation. The good news is that cleaning your stairlift is a simple procedure. Here are some cleaning ideas for your stairlift:


  • Maintain a clear path: Check the stairlift track on a regular basis to ensure there is no debris. The operation could be hampered by track impediments. It’s a good idea to check the track on a daily basis, especially if you have dogs or children at home.
  • Clean the track on a regular basis: Once you see that the track is clear, it is time to clean it. Fortunately, it is a straightforward procedure. Wipe down the track with a duster or moist cloth. Use a dry cloth instead of a damp cloth. Wipe off the rest of the seat as well as other areas. It is suggested that you perform this once a week.
  • Vacuum the area around the lift: Vacuum the steps, rails, and the area behind the stairlift on a regular basis. This will prevent dust from accumulating on mechanical components. This is especially critical if you have pets. Vacuum once a week to keep pet hair out of the stairlift.


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