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How to maintain a business account on social media: a checklist and seven major mistakes

71% of people are more likely to shop from brands that are followed on social media. Most companies now have accounts: for example, Nike is in the lead with 90 million followers on Instagram, and PlayStation with almost 17 million on Twitter. How to get the audience’s attention? Communicate in her language, do not get carried away with sales, and do not disappear from the feed. What is a business account, why do you need a content plan, and what services will help in promotion, we will tell you in the article.

What is a business account in social networks for?

A business page is an opportunity to quickly influence the target audience and gain real instagram followers. Modern consumers do not have time to look for information on a website or call a manager – they want to find you by a hashtag in two clicks, write a message and get an answer promptly. Here’s what a business account gives you:

  • the widest possible audience coverage;
  • direct communication with people;
  • customer loyalty: the ability to quickly convert a subscriber into a buyer.

Top 7 mistakes that prevent customer acquisition

Are your posts collecting few reviews, and new subscribers are not appearing? Check to see if you are making one of these seven mistakes.

1. You are not targeting your customer

Rule # 1 in promotion – define the target audience and publish what is interesting to her. If your product is for mothers with children, and you post memes about the new iPhone, you will not achieve the result. To create a detailed client profile, answer the following questions:

  • what age and gender is he?
  • where does he live and what does he do?
  • what does he want and what is he afraid of?
  • What customer problems does your product solve?

By answering these questions, you will receive a description of your target audience. Based on it, select the content and tone of voice of the brand.

2. You are focused on sales

Do you think the more ad posts, the higher the sales? According to statistics, 45% of consumers unsubscribe from a brand if the feed is dominated by posts advertising a company or product.

Subscribers come to social networks for useful information and entertainment. Don’t write a report on your company’s accomplishments in the last quarter – talk about how these accomplishments will improve the lives of your customers, share helpful tips, or set up a competition to give away a new product.

An excellent example of running a business account is the Instagram of the logistics company FedEx.

3. You lack consistency

You cannot get results by publishing one post per month. To fill the feed regularly, make a content plan – a guide to the schedule and topics of your posts. Write down:

  • in which social networks you will post posts;
  • on what days and at what time they will come out;
  • headings of publications;
  • post plan for a month.

4. You are posting at the wrong time

The more reaction a post triggers immediately after publication, the better it ranks on social media. Therefore, the time of post-release when your target audience is online is very important. Peak hours are morning, lunch, and evening. Experiment with post-release times and watch the response.

5. You are not engaging your audience

Don’t write into the void – make your marketing personal. Address subscribers in texts, talk about their interests and problems, ask questions, respond to comments and messages, post stories on Instagram. Diversify your rubrics: run polls and contests to engage people.

The professional cosmetics brand OLLIN has a good mix of informational, sales, and entertainment posts.

6. You are limited to one social network

If your business is only featured on one social network, you may be missing out on some of your target audience. Create accounts on three or four services where potential customers spend their time. Try not to duplicate content in different feeds and use cross-promotion of accounts to expand your reach.

7. You misjudge indicators

Are you glad that you have a lot of likes and shares? But if subscribers don’t become customers, it’s time to change your promotion strategy. Track how many people are interested in the price went to the site or wrote indirectly about the best indicator for your social media account.

Checklist for maintaining a business account

Why you need to regularly review your promotion strategy, why to study your competitors, and how to get a business account – here are the seven basic steps you need to take to promote.

1. Work regularly on your content and your account as a whole

In social networks, trends and user requests are changing very quickly. To stay popular, you need to regularly review your strategy:

  • Constantly test your content plan: which publications cause a response, and which ones you can refuse;
  • update your profile header regularly: make sure it contains up-to-date information;
  • Conduct audience surveys about what interests them.
  1. Formulate a goal and strategy

Why do you need social media? Improve your image, increase awareness, increase website traffic, or sell ten training courses? The goals may be different for each social network. Write them down, and then formulate a promotion strategy for each goal and publish the appropriate content.

3. Research your competitors

Analyze the pages of your competitors and answer the following questions:

  • What social networks are they on?
  • how often are they published?
  • what kind of response do you get?
  • What products or services do people like the most?
  • what causes the negative reaction?

Based on this data, create your content plan – and you will hit the target.

4. Take care of the visual component

The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than words. This is why the visual design of a business account is just as important as textual content. Use the corporate identity of your brand: corporate colors, fonts, logo.

How to create branding? Contact a designer or use one of the online generators such as Logaster. In a few minutes, the service will create a complete corporate identity package that will ensure a successful promotion.

5. Use useful services

Buffer. Automatic publication scheduler. Schedule posts on different social networks set the time and dates – and the service will publish them itself.

BuzzSumo. The service will find the most popular content on various topics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Here you can get ideas for new posts.

Canva. A website for creating graphics: you can quickly add text to an image, create a collage, infographic, or presentation.

6. Implement CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the automated management of customer relationships using a single database that contains complete information about each customer. CRM for social networks is the ability to create a base of each customer based on their profile, set up sales funnels, create templates for correspondence and conduct analysis.

7. Keep track of statistics

Use analytics to track audience activity. In social networks in the “Statistics” section, you can find out the age, gender, and location of subscribers. And in Google Analytics – how many visitors came to the site from social networks and how long they stayed.


Business promotion is impossible without social media marketing. But the wrong choice of resources, target audience, and content can undermine your efforts. To achieve the result, act systemically:

  • First, decide on positioning, formulate the main message, create corporate identity – and only after that start promoting.
  • Remember, your audience is your main social media resource. Focus on building her trust. Even posts that don’t sell build brand loyalty and prepare people to buy.


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