How to Make Backlinks

This article examines a few ways to make backlinks which can help you get higher rankings in Google search results. It starts by covering the benefits of making backlinks, like getting your important content seen on other more authoritative sites and getting your site indexed more quickly. Next, it explains how to find relevant sites that might link to you, and shows a couple of free tools that can help make this process easier. Finally, it provides some tips for managing the process of creating backlinks such as linking out to other relevant resources and removing old links when they are no longer needed.

  • Benefits

There are many advantages to making backlinks, but the most important advantage is that it allows your content to be seen on more authoritative sites. The more backlinks you can get to your content, the higher your page’s PageRank will be. How do you know how authoritative a site is? You compare it against other websites using a tool known as Open Site Explorer. This tool uses metrics called Domain Authority and Page Authority to rank websites based on how they look and function. The higher the website’s PageRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, the more likely backlinks from that site will help you out-rank your competition.

Getting indexed by Google is another important reason for making backlinks. There are hundreds of thousands of websites published on the Internet and getting your website indexed is important for visibility. You can make backlinks from high-authority sites and use them as anchors to help you get indexed.

A third important reason for making backlinks is to get more traffic to your site. Backlinks can send a lot of traffic, but this doesn’t always happen, especially if you are linking to unknown sites. Instead, focus on getting quality links from known sites that have a good PageRank and Domain Authority so that you can get the most traffic out of them.

  • Finding Backlinks

There are many ways to find websites that may be willing to link to you. Some of these methods are free and some have a cost involved, but most of them won’t require more than an hour or so of your time each week. The first way to find sites is by using the Open Site Explorer . Simply enter a website into the search box, click on Analyze and then look at the left side for “Backlinks”. Clicking on this link will show you all of the sites that link to that website. Many of those websites will also be interested in linking to other relevant topics and may be interested in linking back to you as well.


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