How to wear a braided wig: A beginner’s guide

A braid wig is one of the most comfortable and versatile types of wigs you can wear. You can wear your braided wig to work, the gym, or even out on the town and no one will know that it’s not your natural hair! If you’re thinking about buying one but aren’t sure how to put it on, this beginner’s guide will help you choose the best style and put it on with ease. Plus, you’ll get all of my best tips so that you can wear your new braid wig like a pro! Check out this article now to learn more about wearing braided wigs!


What is a braided wig?

If you want to try wearing weave but want something that looks natural, a braided wig might be for you. Braids are made with real human hair and they don’t look like they come from a pack. They also last longer than synthetic wigs—you can wash and style them just like your own hair. The downside is that some of them are expensive, and there are lots of different types so it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we put together an introduction on how to wear a braided wigs, which will give you all you need to get started.


Types of braid styles


There are three basic styles for braiding hair that can be worn with wigs and hairpieces. The most common is a French braid, which is similar to how you would make your own hair look when you’re styling it. However, instead of using all of your natural hair, use only two sections on either side of your head. This can be done in whatever size section you wish; just remember that larger sections will take longer because more hairs must be pulled through each time you cross over them. If a style like this isn’t right for you, simply switch up which sides are being used and move forward as described below. The second type of style is called an English braid.


Hiding the hairline

It’s important that your natural hairline isn’t exposed or visible. You want people looking at your hair, not what is hiding it. When you tie your wig, you want it tight enough so that it stays in place and doesn’t move around but loose enough so that you can still pin and braid extensions into your wig with ease. If your wig does shift in any way, simple pull on an extension strand and rearrange until you get it just right for you!


Getting used to wearing it

For any new hairstyle, especially an elaborate one like hair extensions, it’s normal to be nervous about putting it on for the first time. Make sure you give yourself enough time when you’re getting ready so that you don’t feel rushed or panicked. Wear your new hairstyle out of your comfort zone at first; if you make plans with friends who are supportive and not critical, you’ll build up confidence quickly! It also helps to go ahead and practice putting on your hairpiece beforehand (or at least ask someone else to show you how).


Style ideas for different occasions

Braiding wigs are an easy way to dramatically change your appearance. The great thing about hair extensions is that they work with many different styles and types of clothing. But because these wigs have so much versatility, it can sometimes be hard to decide how you should style them! That’s why we put together these outfit ideas; it’s a simple way of showcasing different ways you can wear your hair extensions based on what you’re doing. Whether you want to look professional or relaxed, our selection of styling options has something for everyone!

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