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Ideas for dressing a wall

dressing a wall

As we know, pallet recycling may be a significant trend. The pallet are often easily transformed sofa, cocktail table, or maybe headboard consistent with our wishes. During this regard, we’ve selected ideas for you to recycle a pallet into a wall decoration object. If you need to get well mastermind and beautified rooms get luxury apartments in Lahore.

# 1 A coat rack

We love the authenticity and ease of the wooden pallet coat rack. So directly placed on your wall, it allows you to decorate it and significantly save space. very easy to make , all you would like to try to is attach hooks to your board, and you’re able to go!

# 2 A library

Practical and aesthetic, we can adapt the bookcase in pallet according to its style of decoration. For example, for a contemporary style, opt for slanted shelves. For a vintage effect, consider applying patina to age your palette for a cottage-chic guaranteed impact.

# 3 A jardinière

To recycle a pallet, the planter is a trendy decorative object. The mixture of plants associated with wood will bring a touch of nature to your wall. You can either place your plants on a fanatical shelf or attach them on to the planks to make a light-weight effect of favor.

# 4 A cup holder

Another decorative object from our selection for recycling a pallet: the wall cup holder. This charming object is practical because it frees your cupboards from all your mugs piled on top of each other. Our tip: present white mugs to make your shelf stand out.

You can also add a sticker to your palette for a vintage style.

# 5 A candle holder

The heart of our selection to recycle a pallet goes to the wall candle holder. To adapt according to your tastes and inspiration, nothing better than this object to bring character to your wall! Create your candle holder according to your preferences: for a cozy atmosphere, opt for a recessed candle holder that allows you to place a small candle. If, on the contrary, you want to highlight them, put them on your candle holder.

# 6 A wall light

After the candles, make way for the appliques in pallets. Here too, we have several favorites. Indeed the advantage is that you can create the atmosphere you want according to the shape of your wall lamp. If you prefer a discreet stand, opt for a board on which you will hang a light bulb in its center. If you would like to decorate up an extended wall, choose an alignment of several boards next to every other and place the bulbs behind for a guaranteed style effect!

# 7 A photo frame

We all have photos that we would like to display, but it is not always easy to find a suitable medium to present them. We have the solution! The pallet wall photo frame. Finally, a set of boards and a few pins are enough to dress a wall and bring out your best photos.

# 8 A mirror

The pallet mirror is charming and practical. All you have to do is create an opening of the right size that can receive your ice cream, and the result will be there! You can also create shelves to save space and have your beauty products close at hand.

#  A clock

To finish with the decorative objects in recycled pallets, we could not miss the wall clock. First, choose the form of your choice (round, square).Then add the mechanism. As far as the hours are concerned, you can place stickers or stick figures in relief. You can also paint your clock to suit the mood of your room.


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