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What is a visa/e-visa India?

General questions Indian Visa FAQ

Persons visiting to India for visitor or enterprise purposes, or for clinical treatment, are required to use for a visa earlier than departure. The Indian visa is a virtual tour permit, additionally called Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Persons that don’t own this authorization are denied access at some point of check-in or boarding in their flight to India. Because making use of may be completed online, via a virtual software shape (explanation) it’s also called a digital visa, or e-visa. The phrases visa and e-visa are used interchangeably due to the fact they have equal meaning.

What styles of Indian visa are there?

There are exceptional styles of visas for India. Firstly there are the 3 digital variants, for tourists (eTourist visa), enterprise travelers (eBusiness visa), and travelers with a clinical tour purpose (eMedical visa). And finally, a bodily visa withinside the shape of a sticky label is implemented to the passport of the visitor via way of means of a consular employee.

Because the digital visa (additionally known as e-visa) is cheaper, less difficult, and quicker to use for, it’s miles endorsed for all travelers that could employ it. If you could employ the net Indian visa relies upon whether or not you meet the necessities for the e-visa in India.

Do I want an Indian visa?

If you’ve got got the nationality of a European country, along with the United Kingdom, and want to tour India for a holiday, an enterprise journey or for clinical reasons, you’re required to use an Indian visa. The visa necessities are additionally preserved for kids and babies.

India Tourist Visa

Travelers to India whose aim is sight-seeing/recreation, assembly buddies and spouse and children or brief Term Yoga Programme want to use for an India Tourist Visa in digital format, additionally referred to as eTourist Visa for India.

Tourist Visa for India is to be had to site visitors who intend to go to India for not than one hundred eighty days at a time.

Executive Summary

Travelers to India are eligible to use an Indian Visa online on this internet site without journeying the neighborhood Indian Embassy. The motive of the experience needs to be non-industrial in nature.

Indian Tourist Visa Online Form, This Indian Tourist Visa would not require a bodily stamp on the passport. Those who follow for an Indian Tourist Visa on this internet site may be furnished with a PDF replica of the Indian Tourist Visa with a view to being dispatched electronically with the aid of using email. Either a gentle replica of this Indian Tourist Visa or a paper printout is needed earlier than embarking on a flight/cruise to India. The Visa this is issued to the tourist is recorded withinside the pc machine and does now no longer require a bodily stamp at the passport or courier of the passport to any Indian Visa office.

How to Get an e-Tourist Visa for India?

To follow for an e-Tourist visa for India, vacationers entire the web form. The following primary data is needed:

  • Full name
  • Date and area of birth
  • Contact data
  • Passport details

There also is a chain of eligibility and safety questions. To finalize the request, the visitor visa expenses are paid securely online with the aid of using a debit or credit score card.

Most e-Tourist visa programs are permitted in 2-four enterprise days. Travelers get hold of the visa for India with the aid of using email.


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