QuickBooks Error 1328

Instant Solution for QuickBooks Error 1328

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software worldwide, managing every transaction between businesses and owners. QuickBooks is an analysis software developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks accounting software mainly uses by small and medium-sized businesses and offers on-premises accounting applications. QuickBooks also supports a cloud-based version that accepts business payments, manages and pays bills, and pays the payroll section.

QuickBooks provides simplified and seamless process and time-saving features, sucre and compliant payroll at your fingertips. QuickBooks have many significant parts and functionalities. But sometimes, from having great features, it also gets affected by many minor technical glitches and errors, and one such error is QuickBooks Error 1328.

QuickBooks Error 1328 usually occurs while updating, installing, or repairing, even uninstalling the QuickBooks program. This error pops up multiple times on the user’s screen, referencing the problem causing the error.

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Reasons Behind the QuickBooks Error 1328

There could be various possible reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 1328, which can be installing a version of QuickBooks with a different license number than the current version of installed QuickBooks. There’sThere’s also a reason that the .tmp files and the config.msi folder prevent QuickBooks from finishing the work. Here we’ve given some of the possible reasons which can start these errors.

  1. Windows registry might record the invalid entry during the installation
  2. Due to an attack of Malware
  3. The downloaded software file got corrupted
  4. Improper Installation of the QuickBooks program
  5. Due to some network error while downloading and installing the software.

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Leaved Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1328

When this error happens, it also leaves some symptoms of its existence on the system and the software. Here, we’ve given some of the symptoms you will notice when the QuickBooks Error 1328 happens:-

  1. The user won’t be able to update the QuickBooks program
  2. The user won’t be able to install or uninstall the QuickBooks software.
  3. The repairing of the QuickBooks won’t work anymore
  4. QuickBooks program stops and didn’t respond to the given input
  5. The computer system becomes sluggish and becomes more heat
  6. Response time of the system becomes very high

Right Solution for QuickBooks Error 1328

Solution 1: Reinstall QuickBooks Using Clean Install Tool

Step 1: Remove QuickBooks from the System

IF you are trying to Uninstall QuickBooks, it’s not happening, and then there might be something going on your computer that is causing the error.

  1. Press the Windows+R key to open Run Command
  2. Type “Control Panel” in the search box and press enter to open Cpanel
  3. Choose the “Programs and Features” option and then “Uninstall a Program.”
  4. Here, from the given list, select the QuickBooks version to uninstall
  5. Select “Uninstall/Change” and then “Remove” and select Next.

Step 2: Reinstall QuickBooks using Clean Install Tool.

Before installing QuickBooks in your system, ensure that the system meets the minimum requirement for the software.

  1. Download and install QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and save it somewhere you can easily find it.
  2. Now open the QuickBooks “Clean Install Tool Utility.”
  3. Accept “I Accept on the license agreement.”
  4. Here, choose the QuickBooks version
  5. Select OK and wait for the process to get complete
  6. Now, decide which type of installation is right for you, Express Install or Custom and Network Install.
  7. After installing the software, activate your QuickBooks Desktop

Solution 2: Find the Config.msi file

  1. Press the Windows+E key to open “File Explorer.”
  2. Double-click on the C: drive
  3. Here, click on the Tools and Choose a folder
  4. Go to the View option in the toolbar and select All hidden files as well as folders
  5. Now, click on apply and Press OK
  6. Click on the search box and find the config.msi
  7. Select the file and Rename it as (.old)

We hope that the given solution helps you solve the QuickBooks Error 1328, but if the solution looks confusing to you and you want to talk to an advisor, feel free to get in touch with our certified technical experts for instant resolution dial 1.855.738.2784

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