Tricks to Get Inverter Battery at Cheaper Rates

Inverter Battery

The inverter battery prices are increasing day by day in the market. Since the lives of people revolve around gadgets, they need a continuous power supply. So, having an inverter and its battery has become a necessity for the common man. Given below is a guide that can help you to buy a good inverter battery at a cheaper rate.

Exchanging the Old Battery

In general, the buyback price of an old battery is around 10% to 20% of the new battery price. So, in case you have an old battery, try to take a discount from the dealer on the new battery and then check with him about the exchange policy of the old battery. This can help you crack a good value for the new battery.

Shipping and Installation Cost

When you enquire about the cost of the battery, you shouldn’t ignore the hidden costs like shipping cost and installation cost. In many cases, if you buy an inverter battery directly from the dealer, then the installation and transportation are not provided. So you have to incur additional costs for the same. You can also get in touch with the local technician for installation purpose. If you are swapping an old battery for a new one, then you simply have to unplug the old one and install a new one.

Directly Buying from the Distributor

According to the supply chain, the batteries are manufactured by the manufacturer then sent to the distributor and then to the dealer. So, if you buy directly from the distributor it will help you to reduce the price for costly barriers.

Negotiate the Price with the Dealer

Many dealers offer variable prices for the inverter battery. Sometimes their discounts are also variable. You can easily negotiate the price of the battery with the dealer. When you start negotiating make sure that you talk about transportation cost, shipping cost, changing an old battery, and installation cost as well.

Maintenance of the Battery

It is very important that you maintain your battery well. You need to follow some tips to keep the inverter battery in the right condition.

  • You need to regularly water your batteries using distilled water.
  • Apply grease to avoid corrosion on battery terminals.
  • Regularly check the acid level of the battery.
  • Take care of the damaged wires.
  • Store the battery at an optimum temperature.
  • Keep the Surface of the Battery Neat and Clean.

Probability of Damaged Inverter Battery

Yes, it is true that an inverter battery is very prone to damages. It can get damaged very quickly and frequently. Flat plate batteries have a lifespan of 3 years whereas tubular batteries can function for more than 5 years. The number of problems that arise with an inverter and battery are quite high. This is when the role of warranty comes into the picture. The warranty covers all the problems related to the battery and can help you deal with the trouble and save you from unnecessary costs. Here it is good to take about warranty and replacement warranty in detail.

  • A replacement warranty is a kind of guarantee. Under this type of warranty, not only your repairs are taken care of but you can even get your battery replaced with another fresh one in case of any damage.
  • A simple warranty will only take care of repairs.
  • The common point between the two types is that both the warranties last for a period of 5 years.


Whenever you plan to invest in an inverter battery, it is always better to do thorough research on the types of batteries, cost of the batteries, warranty, additional hidden costs, and ways in which you can buy a good battery at a cheaper rate. Little homework can help you save some bucks and get you a good deal at the end of the day.  Since buying an inverter and inverter battery is a crucial decision, it is always advised to go for reputed brands from known dealers. The more middlemen you will skip, the more money you can save. Also, always be vigilant if the dealer is running some scheme or discount and take advantage of the opportunity. A good dealer also offers some after-sales services and gives concessions on the installation and transportation charges.


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