Is an Inpatient Drug Rehab Good for You?

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab: Which is Best for Me? | Nova Recovery

If you are seeking drug rehab for your methamphetamine addiction, getting sober on your own may not be achievable. The initial phases of detox are generally the more important ones. A monitored environment and tough discipline are warranted in order to avoid relapses. Also, comprehensive emotional support and guidance go a long way in keeping you sober for the longest time.  So what is your best bet? Ideally, you must opt for inpatient programs that offer the most sophisticated care with a medically sanctified detoxification regime for round the clock therapy.  


It is important to remember that not all inpatient care facilities are created equal. They differ in terms of therapies, location, amenities, staff experience, price points, inclusiveness, and lots more. 


Getting to know an Inpatient Care Facility 


Basically, it is a residential program where patients are allowed to stay for a period of time, depending on the weaning program they need and the intensity of their addiction problem. On average, the stay would be around 30 days long. Longer programs for as many as 90 days may also be advised, on case to case basis. There are several factors on which the length of stay may depend. Does the patient have co-occurring mental problems? If yes, has a dual diagnosis been confirmed? Has he been to rehabilitation before? If yes, why has a relapse occurred? These are some of the basic queries that work as pointers. 


Most inpatient care centers support family involvement in the recovery process. There is room for counseling by family members and group activities. The opportunity helps in mending trust and working on dysfunctional relationships. Families, when working as support groups, help in generating social acceptance and prevent relapses. This environment also creates a sense of social acceptance. 


As far as facilities are considered, some are better than the rest. There are ones that offer basic services along with shared accommodation, meals at the cafeteria, and recreational activities like ping pong and pool. There are others offering luxury suites, gourmet meals, and amenities like a gym, spa, and swimming pool. A lot depends on the price points you choose. When you reach out to a drug addiction hotline, you may wish to enquire about inpatient facilities, charges, insurance coverage, and so on. 


The Many Advantages of an Inpatient Program 


Outpatient programs also have advantages of their own. They are cheap and do not require checking in for those who wish to stay home during their recovery process. However, if the addiction problem happens to be intense, getting transported to another way of life helps in achieving desired results. Some more advantages of an inpatient rehab program include:


  1. Being in a comfortable and safe environment speeds up recovery.
  2. There is freedom from distractions, triggers, and negative influences.
  3. Medical professionals are present at all times. 
  4. You are surrounded by a comprehensive care and support system of counselors and fellow patients. 


Being loved and cared for at a West Virginia Drug Rehab inpatient facility will ensure long-term abstinence from substance abuse. Withdrawal symptoms can also be more effectively managed at a recovery home. 

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