Is Mcafee Antivirus Not Available As A Standalone Package

You have the option of cancelling your McAfee subscription and having all your data deleted. You can also disable auto-renewal of that subscription. This effectively cancels your subscription but allows you to have other subscriptions.

McAfee sells subscriptions and computer security software products. You can cancel McAfee subscriptions by reading this article.

McAfee’s Subscription Refund Policy

You can get a refund for an annual subscription to either the Small Business Security or Consumer Security services if you cancel your subscription within 30 days. mcafee cancel subscription If you cancel your subscription within 60 days of renewal, you can request a refund. You cannot get a refund if you have a monthly subscription for any service.

Turning Off Auto-Renewal

You can turn off auto-renewal if you don’t need your McAfee subscription. This is effectively cancelling your subscription. This will stop any new charges being charged to your credit card. You can also continue to use the subscription until the end.

These instructions will help you turn off auto-renewal of your subscription.

1. Visit McAfee’s homepage.

2. Click on “My Account”.

3. Sign into your account.

4. Click the Log in button.

5. To open the drop-down menu, hover over My Account.

6. Click on Auto-Renewal Settings.

7. Find the subscription that you wish to cancel. Click the button next to it that says “On/Off”.

8. To confirm your selection, click on the Turn it Off button

Cancelling your account

If you are unable to turn off auto-renewal, you can cancel your account completely, delete your email, and remove all your account information. McAfee customer service should be contacted to request a complete cancellation. Your account cannot be cancelled by you. McAfee offers chat, help desk and phone options to contact customer service.

McAfee provides online protection against viruses, spywares, and data leakage. This article will show you how to cancel your McAfee subscription online. There are three easy ways to cancel your McAfee membership online. It can be cancelled online, by phone support, chat support, or through the McAfee Online Portal.

Method 1: You can cancel your account through the website like this:

  1. Visit McAfee’s Official Website.
  2. Log in to access your account
  3. Click on “Auto-Renewal Settings”.
  4. To turn it off, click on the settings.
  5. To confirm, click on “Turn Off”.
  6. Select “Yes, turn off”

Method 2: McAfee can cancel your subscription by directly contacting McAfee support. Request a confirmation email from McAfee about the cancellation of your McAfee subscription. Save it after you get it.

Method 3: You can cancel online through Live Chat Support. It’s as easy as this:

  1. Visit the Official Website
  2. Select the Topics you wish to explore and then select the sub-topic.
  3. To establish a chat connection with a Live Representative, fill out the form.
  4. That’s it.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email or leave a comment below. I hope this helps you cancel your McAfee subscription.

This simple truth is often overlook

McAfee Anti-Virus Software is not suppose to protect your computer against viruses and malware. This has caused some consumers problems.

Steven from Richardson, Texas wrote that McAfee had failed to renew my anti-virus subscription. McAfee did not charge me and McAfee did not retain my billing information. McAfee will not do business again with me and I will tell my staff to stop doing business with McAfee.”

Steven and other customers should now realize that all anti-virus software vendors, not just McAfee, automatically renew your account when you create an account. Companies realize that you may decide to cancel your contract after it expires.

How can you beat the system?

Anne of Gilbert, Arizona, believed she didn’t need to worry about auto-renewal because she had a new debit account from her bank. She also didn’t update McAfee to reflect the new card number. McAfee would try to charge her for another one year. She thought that was it. She was wrong.

Anne wrote that she received an email informing her that $103 had been charged to my debit card for auto renewal. I called to have the charges reversed, and McAfee was cancelled online. When I called to inquire about my new debit card number, the customer service representative told me that they had a contract with the bank to send the updated card information. This sharing of credit card information is it legal? If so, then it’s definitely not ethical.

Although it’s legal, some consumers may question whether it is ethical. It’s called Visa Account Updater and is an automated system that Visa claims “enables the electronic exchange of updated accounts among participating merchants, Visa Merchant Banks, and Visa card issuers.” Your bank will then provide your updated information to companies you do business with to continue charging you.

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