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Kekma net

Kekma net

We can all concur that occasionally it’s fun to troll people. Not in a bad way, but in a good and harmless. One of the more famous approaches to innocuously troll someone on the internet is rickrolling. That trick has been around for quite a while, however, there’s another one around, and assuming you’re asking what is, indeed, it’s not exactly as innocuous as the rickroll.

What is

The better approach to rickroll somebody, yet stepped up, is with something many refer to as It’s all the more ordinarily called Kekma and it is much viler than the healthy rickroll. As per KnowYourMeme, Kekma was made on April 23, 2019, and it’s totally undependable forever and undependable for work. The connection has been utilized in online attacks across a few Discord servers and sub-channels across Reddit. The assault has individuals click the connection and they are taken to the site, which is upsetting and hostile. The site contains a quickly blazing NSFL picture joined by a piercing ear assault of an individual shouting, as well as an NFL video in the focal point of the page, KnowYourMeme makes sense.

After opening, the page enters full-screen mode, while an endeavor to leave the pages delivers an affirmation window, dialing back the leaving system. The recordings that play when the connection is clicked are bad-to-the-bone blood and can be very damaging to see.

What type of content is there on

The NSFL content on incorporates:

  • A flashing background GIF
  •  in light of a photo of a dog hung up by its rear legs and being cleaned.
  • A focal video of a man hunching down in a pool of blood and driving a huge modern screw inside his urethra.

After being opened, the page enters full-screen mode, as well as requires an extra affirmation before it tends to be shut, dialing back is the most common way of leaving.

When has been used in attacks?

There have been a few examples of assaults where the connection gets shared and individuals are inadvertently seeing hostile and destructive pictures. One of the principal known times the connections were generally shared was in the mid-year and fall of 2019. It was found on a few famous channels on YouTube and Discord servers of political YouTubers like Vaush and Donald Trump’s YouTube channel.

In July 2020, Google Trends shows that the site saw a spike in notoriety and as per KnowYourMeme, the spike was connected back to image networks in Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. For anybody who might be interested in what visiting the connection is truly similar to, kindly don’t. The symbolism is unsafe, and the site makes it exceptionally testing to click away rapidly.

The origin of

On April 23rd, 2019, (KEK MAGA) shock site was made by ObokTheSecond. After entering the site, the site shows an admonition that it “contains dark, adult humor” and inquires as to whether the guest wishes to continue. After tapping the connection, the guest is taken to the principal page of the site which shows a GIF in view of two NSFL pictures and a video, joined by a sharp ear assault of the “World’s Loudest Orgasm” YouTube video.

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