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Know Love Marriage and Khula Procedure in Pakistan (2022)

Khula procedure in Pakistan

Love Marriage and Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Jamila Law Associates can conduct your love marriage in Pakistan, divorce in Pakistan, and khula procedure in Pakistan. This grows to love. He who takes precedence in greeting gets more reward. He who walks (or enters the house) should greet the one seated after divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. The Khula in Pakistan is Very Easy After Know the Procedure of Khula in Pakistan. Now The Khula Pakistani Law & Khula Pakistan Family Law (2022) by Top Lawyers

The youngster should greet his elder. Shaking hands clears the heart, and that forgives sins. (T’alimul din). Announce your arrival by salam or speech, or in some way, do not sit behind something concealed from others so that your appearance is unknown to them. (Added Zindagi P-41). Meet others happily with a smiling face to please them. (Talim Uddin). There can be no friend greater than a wife. To speak with friends is a kind of worship because to please a believer is worship. (Huquq uz Zawjayn)

Islamic View:

5, According to a Hadith, if a husband places a morsel in his wife’s mouth, it is sadaqah and fetches reward.

(Raf ul Iltibas). The demand for modesty is that a husband should not agree to his wife writing off the dower. He must pay it to her. (Anfas Eesa v-l P-301, Hasan ul Aziz v-l P-323) JOKING AND BEING PLAYFUL Men must joke and play with their wives before divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. The wisdom in that is to expand one another’s hearts and fight off hesitancy.

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There is no harm in being good-natured and in joking about making someone happy, provided you do not tell lies and hurt someone’s feelings (Talim Uddin P-54). MAN SHOULD DISCLOSE HIS LOVE Men express their love, but women cancel it because it is an adornment for men but a drawback for women whom modesty prevents speaking out. However, their hearts hold to love. (Al Itadad al Yawmiyah, v-2 P-208)


In Arabia, the wife stands up in respect of her husband when he comes to her on the first night, and she offers salaam before divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. When he removes his outer garments, she takes them and places them neatly and in an orderly manner. But, this is not appropriate for the Indians in whom it might grow shamelessness while the Arabs maintain it out of frankness,


Some people write the Surah al-Ikhlas on the bride’s forehead, The subject matter is purity. It does not seem appropriate unless they hope for a pure and sincere love between the two. So they must suppose it (Ikhlas) to mean love. Otherwise, they may write verses of love. First of all, it is wrong to imagine Ikhlas to mean love. There certainly is a blessing in Allah’s names, but there should be a relation with the occasion, and the Surah al-Ikhlas has no bearing with this occasion. Besides, only a Mahram may write to them (verses of love) before divorce in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. So it is wrong to ask a non-Mahram to write to them.

(al Idafatal-yawmiyah v-2 p- 158)

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