Know the Top 5 Live Streaming Apps for the Android Mobile

Top 5 Live Streaming Apps for the Android Mobile

Know the Top 5 Live Streaming Apps for the Android Mobile

Are you searching for the top 5 live streaming apps for your android phone? Thinking, which one would be apt for your android version? Don’t worry; in this blog our Law assignment help Australia experts will guide you regarding the best 5 live streaming apps that you can use without hesitation.

At present in our android mobile live streaming video is the latest edition and it has been made possible through the enrichment of technology. As a result many big and small companies are investing in these live streaming apps to make it smoother and easier. While reading this blog the question may arise into your mind that what is the need of these live streaming apps? These live streaming apps help us to make your brands known to others and stay connected with your friends and followers. Below we have mentioned 5 top live streaming apps that you can use to serve your purposes.

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  1. Instagram: the latest version of Instagram has brought some exciting features. This version is apt for all android mobile and for iPhone too. By using this you can connect with the world in just a moment. But you need to remember these live streaming apps have some pros and cons too. Just open Instagram and tap the live button to start your live video. Instagram gives you various filters and creative tools that you can use. The most important thing is you can make one video from multiple clips. On the other hand the disadvantages are you cannot play the video once the live streaming is over. You cannot view the videos from your browser as this technology is made for the android mobile phone only.
  2. Twitch: it is apt for all android phones in gaming. Here you can play with your gaming partners besides chatting. Its main advantages are – by playing games you can earn through advertisement. It gives you the option to build your own community. Its disadvantages are – for the beginners, it may be a time taking process and sometimes users face loading issues.
  3. 365 Scores: it is a live sports covering app where users can enjoy sports 24/7. Here you can enjoy any sports according to your preference like cricket, football, tennis, rugby etc. its advantages are – its an user friendly application, you can watch videos in your languages and many more.
  4. Facebook Live: previously, live streaming was a separate app made by Facebook, but in recent days Facebook has added this technology with the regular Facebook app. This particular option gives you the opportunity to communicate with friends or followers and arrange events, groups to broadcast selectively. Its advantages are – it allows you to watch and interact with the audience in the live. The duration of this live streaming is a maximum one and half hours on Facebook. The most important thing is these videos remain in your Facebook feed and you can view the video whenever you have time. But the disadvantage is you can interact with your viewers when they comment on your live streaming.
  5. Zoom Cloud Meetings: zoom is such an app where you can connect with your audience always. It allows you to connect up to 100 persons in a live streaming video. But present day zoom has proved to be the best live streaming app for your android and iPhone. Its advantages are – you can share your screen with your other members. It provides flawless videos and sound quality. Its installation is very easy.  It allows you to live comment and messaging options and many more.


I hope this blog will give you adequate information regarding these live streaming technologies. Different apps serve different purposes. You can use these apps for your own purposes and I hope you’ll be benefited with it. For more updates log on to our website and talk to our accounting assignment help australia experts without any hesitation.

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