Let Know Legal Profession of Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan

Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan

Legal Profession of Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

ADV Nazia is the Best Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan For Services of All kind of Cases. Now Get Advice By Lawyers in Lahore & Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan .Legal profession is good if practiced in its spirit; it is damnable fraud and iniquity when a spirit of mischief-making and money-getting supplies its true nature. Danial Webster Ever since, said Lord Macmillan, the State decreed that men must cease to settle their disputes with the vigorous arguments of fist and club; the administration of justice has been the prime concern of the State.

Civilized Community:

To enable this primary concern of government to be efficiently discharged, the experience of every civilized community has shown that it is indispensable to have a class of men skilled in advising and aiding the citizen in the vindication of his rights before the Courts to which the State delegates the task of dispensing justice in accordance with the law of the land.

Men Grow:

The relations of men grow more and more manifold, as the enactments by which the legislature seeks to keep pace with and regulate the constantly developing progress of the community become more and more elaborate and technical, the value of the part which the advocate is called upon to play in the social system becomes more and more apparent.” Justice is not a simple thing, and in a large number of the actual cases which come before the higher courts, it is next to impossible to say in favor of which side ideal justice would decide. In the Law Courts, history never repeats itself. No two cases are ever the same. No lawgiver can be so prescient as to anticipate all the contingencies of human life.

Advocates in Lahore Pakistan:

It is in the process of applying and adapting abstract law to the concrete cases of the moment, in all their diversity of circumstances, that the function of the advocates in Lahore Pakistan comes into play. The contribution that he thus makes to the development of the body politic is a more important one than is commonly realized”. Similar to the city seeking justice and to the Courts administering it, the existence of a class of trained advocates possessing knowledge of the law, skill in the orderly presentation of facts, cogency in logical argument, and fairness and moderation in controversy, is indispensable- able. These qualifications cannot be acquired without the training and study of lawyers in Lahore Pakistan. Those who seek proficiency in the exercise of them must devote their lives to the task.


In short, advocacy must be their profession. The profession of law is concerned with matters of the mind; the mind and not the imagination is the instrument. The conscious materials of our profession are the things of the mind, processes of reasoning. The incredible history of the legal profession, a profession concerned with the things of the mind, with subjecting questions to the reasoning processes and justification by reason, is a great tradition. A tradition, if it is worthy of the name, is not wealth hoarded. It is a dynamic energy to be applied. It is a great tradition that the legal profession can claim for itself in the unfolding of modern constitutional government by law. The legal profession, beyond any other calling, is concerned with those processes, those criteria those appeals to reason and right, which had a dominant share in begetting civilized modern society.

Profession of Advocates:

And that means a learned profession of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan. That means drawing on the juices of your life, from almost every domain of learning, because if the law is concerned with the regulation of problems concerning society, then it is necessary to be informed or at least aware of the multitudinous, multifarious forces with which humanity is concerned and which affect society So that in becoming a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, you attach yourself to a great heritage which, to be true to, must be pursued in the context of that heritage, which means a deep and broad cultural life of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan

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