Let’s Prepare An Essential Checklist For Australian Partner Visas

If you are a spouse of an Australian permanent resident or citizen or an eligible citizen of New Zealand, you can get an Australian partner visa to move to Australia. Partner Visa Subclass 300 is one of those visas that allow the applicant to live for nine months with their partner in Australia.

During that period, the main visa applicant can apply for the Partner Visa Subclass 820 to stay further. Here we discuss the general document checklist you will require for an Australian partner visa application.

Some Important Points To Know

    • Depending on your presence in Australia, your Partner Visa will differ.
    • If you are inside Australia with Visa 300, you may apply for another visa (Visa Subclass 820 and Subclass 801).
    • If you are not in Australia, you have to apply for the temporary Partner Visa Subclass 309 and then for the permanent Partner Visa Subclass 100.
    • The processing time for an offshore partner visa application generally varies from 17 to 23 months, while an onshore visa application ranges typically from 23 to 27 months.
    • The current application charge for the Partner Visa is AUD 7715 for the primary applicant.

What are the eligibility requirements for an Australian partner visa?

Before looking at the document checklist, it is important to know the basic eligibility criteria for partner visas.

    • You must be marry or in an official relationship with an Australian permanent resident, citizen, or eligible citizen from New Zealand.
    • In the case of a de facto relationship, the two partners should have been living together for at least one year, and the relationship should be register under the law.
    • If you are the principal applicant, your partner should sponsor you.
    • Both of you must be over 18 years of age.

Document checklist for the partner visas

Here we list five main categories of document checklists that you must know to avoid any chance of visa application rejection. These five categories are as follows.

Document checklist for the visa applicant

Forms that must be filled in

    • 47SP: As an applicant, you will have to fill this form. This form is known as Application for Migration to Australia by a Partner.
    • 80: This form, known as the Character Declaration, should also fill in by the applicant.
    • 956: If you seek help from a migration agent Adelaide, you will need to fill this form, known as Advice by a Migration Agent.

Personal Documents You Need To Submit

    • Copy of the bio-data pages (including personal information and photograph) of the applicant’s passport
    • Recent photographs of passport-size
    • A certificate that confirms that you are single
    • An authorized copy of the certificate of your name change, if applicable
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Military service record, if applicable
    • Copy of a national identity card
    • Family book copy
    • Clearance certificate issue by the national police department

Document Checklist For The Sponsor

Before knowing the document checklist, you must check whether your partner meets the eligibility to sponsor you. Apart from being an Australian PR or citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen, the other eligibility criteria are as follows.

    • There should be no criminal offense charge against them.
    • Their age is more than 18 years.
    • They have not served as a sponsor twice because, according to Australian law, a person can only sponsor two partners in their lifetime.
    • They do not sponsor any other partner in the last five years.

Now, let us look at the documents.

Forms that must be filled in

    • 40SP: This form, known as the Sponsorship for a Partner to Migrate to Australia, must fill by the sponsor.
    • 956: A sponsor may also seek help from any migration agent. In that case, they will need to fill in this form.

Necessary personal documents

    • Copy of the bio-data pages of the current passport
    • Recently clicked passport-sized photographs.
    • A certificate that confirms that the sponsor is single
    • An authorized copy of the name change certificate, if applicable.
    • Certified copy of military service record if the sponsor has served in the army of any country.
    • Proof of Australian PR or citizenship or New Zealand citizenship – birth certificate, foreign passport with proof of permanent residency, Australian passport, citizenship certificate issued by the Australian Government. And evidence of continuing links with Australia and length residence in Australia for a New Zealand citizen
    • Financial evidence – Australian income, an employment-confirming letter that also includes annual salary, overseas tax assessment notice, bank account statements, payslips, and Australian personal assets
    • National police clearance certificate issued by the Australian Federal Police

Document Checklist To Support A Genuine And Continuing Relationship

The foremost requirement for an Australian partner visa is having a continuing and genuine relationship. Thus, supportive documents should be provided as evidence. The more documents you can submit, the better will be chances of visa approval.

Statement And Declaration

    • Statement letter from applicant: You should include the history of your relationship with your partner (sponsor) in this letter. If you have been in any other relationship, that information should also be included.
    • Letter from the sponsor: Your sponsor should also submit a letter providing detailed information about your relationship and about any other relationship they had been before.

Evidence of a genuine and continuing relationship

    • Previous relationship documents: If your last relationship has ended because of the death of your partner or in divorce or separation, you must provide valid evidence for it.
    • Form 888: This form must be filled in by an Australian citizen or PR, or a New Zealand citizen, who genuinely knows about your relationship.
    • Marriage certificate
    • Evidence of genuine and continuing relationship: Evidence will include your photographs with your partner, written statements, and communication history between the two of you.
    • Relationship’s financial situation: You will have to submit proof of shared finance, joint bank account, any major assets like car or home, any joint ownership.
    • Shared responsibilities: Proof of shared responsibilities may include living together arrangements, utility accounts shown in both names, joint ownership documents, shared caring for children, etc.
    • Social activity: Joint invitations, evidence of making trips together, family hangouts, joint membership in social organizations, statutory declarations from parents of both partners, etc., can be shown.
    • Commitment to each other: Documental or statutory declaration that you know the personal circumstances of your partner will be enough.

Document checklist for character and health documentation

The health and character documents will include:

    • Results of health examinations
    • The HAP ID while completing the application form
    • A signed letter from the health insurance provider
    • Federal Police check document for every applicant included, who are over 16
    • Overseas police certificates from every country for each applicant where they have to live for at least one year in the last ten years

Document checklist for additional information

If you include your dependent children in the application, you must provide certified copies of their identity cards.

Who can help you?

Any professional immigration agent Perth can help you with the application. For contacts, you may get in touch with any leading consultancy firm. The migration agent can provide good help in gathering all the necessary documents.

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