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Link Lifting: How We’ll Run Our Link Building Campaign

Link Lifting

Every marketer knows that backlinks from quality sources are the key to generating valuable organic traffic, and the more backlinks you can generate, the better. Link Lifting offers businesses a way to achieve their link-building goals without risking their reputation, thanks to its proprietary software and trackable technology. Here’s how it works, as well as why it’s one of the best ways to run your link-building campaign.

The Strategy

It’s a process. It takes time. And it takes work. Link Lifting is our new way of doing things, and to execute it properly, we have some ground rules: 1) Stay on-topic 2) Make your point concisely 3) Write like a human 4) Be likable 5) Be readable 6) Be awesome 7) Stay grounded in reality As you can see, we won’t just be talking about link building strategies here at Link Lifts HQ. We want to talk about all the real-world strategies that you can use to elevate your content in the realm of SEO. Stuff like how to avoid common social media mistakes that could hurt your business or why sending long-form newsletters are the bomb! There will also be guest contributors from around the web dropping in every now and then with their own Link Lifting gems. Now for the fun part–check out these links, people! 

We’re so excited to introduce Link Lifts today as our new blog–and what better way to get started than by giving away two months of LinkedIn Premium (awesome!)!? 

All you need to do is sign up for Link Lifts below, enter your email address, and hit Enter. That’s it. The contest starts NOW and ends on December 25th so don’t wait if you want a chance at this sweet prize. 

Good luck everyone!

The Team

Bennett keeps his team small, passionate, and nimble. He is responsible for directing company strategy and day-to-day operations. Joline handles everything in the digital marketing sphere, including email outreach and social media campaigns. Benito primarily focuses on design concepts that align with Bennett’s goals. Amanda coordinates our web development projects. Khalea manages the growth of our freelance designer pool and creates jobs that allow freelancers to work on a variety of projects simultaneously while always contributing to fulfilling project needs at any given time.

We may be smaller than some agencies but we compensate with high levels of care, respect for clients’ budgets, polished creativity, superb customer service, and (of course) smashing social media campaigns every time!

The Approach

Below is an outline of the approach we plan to take for our link-building campaign. 

In step one, marketers typically identify a list of targets which may include business contacts, bloggers, and journalists who work in a field relevant to your industry. 

In step two, they create content that would appeal to these target groups by demonstrating its usefulness. For example, content could be an infographic or cheat sheet with relevant statistics related to their field of interest. Marketers will often make the content available for free with the goal of driving traffic back to their website or social media channels. The best links come from readers sharing or linking back to your company’s free content with their own audiences who may then follow suit and share it themselves.

The Tools

To execute this strategy, we’re going to be using the following tools:

– Domain registrar and web hosting provider (for a domain) – Content management system for all our on-site content and forms, powered by WordPress (content)

– Website performance monitoring and technical SEO audit platform, such as Pingdom or Google PageSpeed Insights – Webmaster tools account on Google Search Console (search engine optimization) – Keyword research tools, such as Moz’s keyword tool or Market Samurai’s free demo of their software (keywords)

– Integration of SEO keywords within meta tags and content; this includes title tags, headings, images alt text, etc. These are often not done well but can dramatically improve your search rankings. It is also important to include these keywords in the URL and then create any outgoing links to other sites so that they use those words too. The last thing you need is someone who is linking back to you without including one of your most important keywords!

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