LinkedIn automation tools to enhance your lead generation

This media platform is endorsed to be the best to connect and engage with the professionals all around the world.

LinkedIn is not only a social media website but, it is also a place to hire and be hired! The best feature of this platform is that you get to contact any professional regardless of their hierarchy in their organization. Like, if you want to direct message a CEO of the company, you are allowed and responded!

It is an exclusive place for lead generation as well. Hence, a lot of B2B organizations participate actively on this platform. Now, lead generations have become simpler with the added tools to LinkedIn application.

Here are some that you will find useful,

This is a browser-based automation tools that lets you search and verify any professional’s email address from around the world. It also has a website through which you can search contacts in bulk. What makes it great is its efficiency and speed. can validate any email address within seconds and hence saving tons of your time from manual search.

This free email finder tool has recently released a new feature that includes the ability to search emails right from the Gmail inbox tab. It allows you to search contacts company wise and get to see hierarchy. Hence, saving you the hassle of shifting between different tabs.


Isn’t it difficult to track the profiles while accessing them on LinkedIn? You end up looking at the same profiles again and again without realizing the loop. This tool helps you to break the cycle and offer you to automatically compile all the data you’ve gathered while surfing through different profiles. Dux-Soup is just right for the people to build a comprehensive database.

It collects crucial information from the profiles like email address, company name, contact number etc. It has a feature that sends automated messages to the prospects to keep the conversation going and responds to the potential clients with prompt. This tool is easy and straight forward.


This is just the automation tool if you are looking for one that multitasks and manages everything. MeetAlfred is one dynamic instrument that can build campaigns, automate messages & its outreach, help manage your team and more! This is one-of-a-kind solutions that lets you see real-time analytics to screen your progress.

You can personalize your messages and choose actions on how to disburse the information to the list. Manage your CRM in here without having to use multiple tools to contact your team. Send multiple connection request while following the LinkedIn’s guidelines. You can also choose email marketing with this tool and send personalized emails to your prospects and leads!

Final thoughts

These are just a few tools out of hundreds of potentials out there. These tools help in company’s growth and improve the lead generation’s efficiency. Although LinkedIn has its own tool called LinkedIn Sales Navigator, these other extensions and cloud-based applications are more customizable and convenient. As most of them come with a free trial period, do not hesitate to give it a go and check which resonates best with your profile.


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