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Little-known facts about the lives of flight attendants

Wondering what are the facts that you don’t know about the lives of flight attendants? Find them with the little-known facts about the lives of flight attendants to be an insider.

Well, being a flight attendant is one of the most interesting jobs out there. And the job comes with a thorough role and glamour quotient. Also, flight attendants are some of the most decent communicators that you can ever meet. However, there are still some facts about a flight attendant’s life that they don’t talk out loud. Wondering what are the not-well-known facts about flight attendants? Find them out with our guidebook on the little-known facts about the lives of flight attendants.

Let’s know little-known facts about the lives of flight attendants

They can’t avoid rude people

You know how we try to avoid the rule people, well, flight attendants don’t own the same privilege. For a flight attendant, every passenger’s safety and comfort are important irrespective of their behavior. Thus, they have to deal with a lot of rude people daily who treat them as personal butlers.

As their job demands them to be respectful to everyone, they can’t be rude to rude passengers. No matter how many times a passenger rings the bell, they have to be soft-spoken with him.

They have to look healthy

Well, being healthy is good for everyone, but for flight attendants, it is a mandatory part of their job. Also, it may sound nothing to us, but maintaining physical health can be a challenge sometimes.

They are not earning a fortune

It is one of the most common beliefs that flight attendants earn a fortune without doing anything. Well, give it a thought and consider taking Direct flights to Barcelona from US. Now, decide that you will do it without flight attendants and consider how difficult it would be.

Well, the common things that won’t be on the plane were food, drinks, hygiene, children roaming around. Also, you can encounter people drinking up to tips and then disturbing the whole flight by creating a nuisance. We are sure that you aren’t liking the imagination, but it shows the importance of flight attendants.

Also, flight attendants only get paid for the hours that they spend on air, and thus, they have to work for every penny. So, the common belief of them just being earning for being glamorous waiters is completely rubbish. Also, they have to go through extensive training to qualify for their job.

They can’t accept tips

Well, with the common way of treating flight attendants as waiters, some go the extra edge by tipping them. However, flight attendants rarely accept such favors and stick to their job of serving others. Also, they are much more capable than serving food and if the plane gets in danger, they are the first person to turn to. Thus, they are also lifesavers who ensure that every passenger de-board safely on their traveling destination.

They can’t have tattoos if they want

Well, many airlines don’t allow their flight attendants to have tattoos and piercings. However, some are exceptions in this case like British Airways. And all these airlines want are these things to be covered up so they don’t get caught in passenger’s eyes.

Don’t look down upon them

Well, no one likes to be looked down upon and the same goes with flight attendants. Further, some passengers like to treat them as waiters and others think that their job is a cakewalk. Well, no matter what you believe, both are wrong in the case of flight attendants.

First, the job of a flight attendant isn’t limited to serve you food and drinks, but it includes your safety as well. Also, being a flight attendant is never an easy profession and they have to go through rough training for it. Thus, thinking of it as easy or limiting their role isn’t the right thing to do.

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