Ludo Express slot – how and where to play the Ludo online today

Ludo is a well-known board game with amusing gameplay and big wins. In India, this slot is one of the TOP-5 most popular games online casino. Ludo was known even before the high-tech solutions entered Indian entertainment that’s why its rules know people from different generations. Before it gathered friends and families together, but today gamblers can play without limits using any device. To start to play Ludo even dont need registration or a deposit, so you can learn its rules without investing your own money. But because the rules are so simple even newbies could win during the first playing sessions. Today this game is exclusively available for all Parimatch India clients.

The Ludo Express slot online – main rules and features of this game

In real life to play, Ludo there should be at least two people. In the online version is not important will you play by yourself or with friends, so you can start playing anytime. The rules here are the same as in the traditional game, but the first step here is to choose the best mode in this Ludo express slot. In such reliable casinos as Parimatch there are two modes available in the Ludo game – DEMO and paid, so each gambler can select the best one for himself. Here are other rules of this game:

  1. Pick the mode (DEMO or paid).
  2. Select the bet size (from 1 USD to 100 USD).
  3. Chose one of the sections with different colors (yellow, green, blue, or red).
  4. Place the chip on the track and push the “ROLL A DICE” button.
  5. Wait for the result of the roll!

The dice will select how many sectors the chip will be moved and also the result of its rolling will affect the winning which you’ll get. So you can get up to 8x of your stake with a new roll. 

Take into account that your stake wouldn’t change during the game until you’ll change it. That’s also useful because of the act that you can concentrate only on a game and not be distracted by any additional settings. 

During the game be careful and try o avoid the blocks with skulls or danger symbols, because they won’t let you win. If there is will be such a symbol you will need to return to the begging and lose all the winnings. To get the biggest winning you will need to get to the last block and for sure the best way to make that is to get 6 dots with any move.

More settings in the Ludo slot – read how to get the up to 10x bonus

Now that you already knew all the main Ludo slots’ rules it’s time to learn more about the available bonuses and additional settings. For example, you can turn on the sound during the game and turn off it anytime you want. Also, there is a full-screen mode, an Info button, and a wide range of bet sizes (up to 100 USD). That means that you can start playing with any bankroll getting the best results with every roll. 

One more great piece of news is that every gambler could get up to a 10x bonus during the Ludo game. To get that you will need only to play and the bonus will be activated automatically. 

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