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Make Your Living Room More Appealing With Wall Art Decor Items

Are you sick of your dull living room and those boring walls? Then it’s time to dress up your living room with some elegant wall art. Your living room shows who you are. It’s almost like leaving your signature on the walls. So, whether you like to travel, dress well, look at art, or read books, your living room walls are like a blank canvas. If you want to turn your boring living room walls into works of art that people will remember, check out these great wall art decor ideas for modern decoration. Soon, you’ll be living in a stylish home that your guests will like more and more.

Large Artwork to Decorate Modern Walls

Art will always get people’s attention. Let a big painting be the focal point of one of the walls in your living room, and watch its beauty grow. You can choose either an abstract painting or a simple black-and-white photo. It’s up to you. But if you want to decorate the walls of a small living room, bet on art.

Use Shelves to Make Your Walls Look Nice

Out of room on the floor for your books? Putting them on a floating shelf is a great way to show them off. Along with this vanity, floating bookshelves add personality to walls that would otherwise be plain. Also, it makes your home look sophisticated and tasteful to someone who doesn’t live there.

Try out Mirrors and Shapes

Home interior designers suggest grouping decorative mirrors together and putting them opposite a brighter space or window. They can do a great job of making the room look bigger. How you decorate the background wall depends on how heavy the frames are. If the frames are quirky or old, go for a soft look. You can balance clean or metallic edges with deep colors for a more hotel-like look.

If your wallpaper has a graphic print like the circle pattern above, you can echo the shape with mirrors that are the same shape and furniture and accessories that are the same color.

Add Wallpaper to the Living Room Walls

Wallpaper with a leafy, rustic print will give your living room a charm of cabin chic. These earthy colors, woody tones, and touchable textures will add depth and warmth to plain rooms.

Try putting wallpaper on just one wall, like behind a built-in seating area or your sofa. One of the quickest attempts to modify the look of a boring room is to use living room feature wall ideas. They only require one or two rolls of wallpaper, so they are cheaper than wallpapering the whole room.

Create Peace With a Lush Hanging Garden

Plants and other greenery are a natural choice for wall decor, and a living wall display will only improve as the plants grow.

It is possible to cover a significant amount of wall space by suspending an arrangement from the ceiling and placing trailing plants in containers above a ledge or side that is lined with tubs and pots. A simple metal curtain pole attached to the wall with S-hooks is the perfect place to hang various plants at different heights.

Hang a Large Wall Calendar

A big calendar looks great on the wall of a kitchen or office. Keep track of your events and add a unique touch to your room at the same time. Use sans serif fonts on oversized, bright calendars to make them look modern and add a splash of color.

Whether you hang a painting or put out some pieces of wall art decor, you can make a dull living room look amazing in minutes! Use them as quickly as possible.

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