Mexican Singer-Songwriter Carin Leon to Tour the U.S.

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Over the last year, Mexican singer-songwriter Carin Leon has been touring extensively in Mexico, South America, and Europe. Now, he’s headed to the United States. Hi, the new album, El Madri, released in 2021, marks his first U.S. release, and in the coming days playing live shows in the United States as well.

Who is Carin León?

To promote her new album, Carin León is set to embark on a concert tour from June through November 2022 and take her from New York City all across North America. The singer-songwriter will make stops in several cities, including Miami Beach, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. For fans who won’t be able to catch any of these shows in person, Ticket2Concert makes it easy for them to get their hands on Carin León tickets 2022 for any one of them or all of them at once; sign up for an account, enter your information and choose which show you want. Check out as normal once you’ve added your preferred ticket(s) to your cart.

What kind of music does he sing?

He is a Mexican singer, who works in popular music, and who has been famous for her songs Tierra dulce (Sweet land) and Antes muerta que sencilla (Rather dead than simple). But his most famous song is Atrapada en el tiempo. Also, he has written several songs for artists like Christian Chávez and Angélica Vale. He has sold more than 500,000 albums worldwide. The tour of Carin León will begin in cities like New York or Los Angeles and will end up with performances in Mexico City. Buy your cheap Carin León tickets now!

Cheap Carin León tickets

When will he be touring?

On June 1st, a representative from Live Nation (the concert organizer) announced that Carin would be touring for 2 months, starting June 8th. The list of dates and cities can be found below.

How can I buy cheap Carin León concert tickets?

Concert ticket prices can vary based on many factors, including demand, availability, and date. For example, last-minute concerts tend to be more expensive than those scheduled well in advance. So how can you find cheap Carin León tickets? Read on, and we’ll let you know where we’ve found them so you can grab yourself a great deal.

Where will Carin León be performing?

With an upcoming tour of over 30 performances in cities all over North America, you can see Carin León at venues across many states and provinces like Arizona, Atlanta, Portland, and Las Vegas. León will be performing her hits from her latest album, All You Have Left Is The Music, in venues like House of Blues – Myrtle Beach, Rumba Café, and Venue 578. Be sure to check out our Concert Calendar for future shows. Take a look at a selection of seats at the best prices here! Find tickets by venue or city: Ticket2Concert is your ultimate source for information on Carin León tours, concerts, tickets, events, and much more!

How old do you have to be to attend?

All shows are ages 18+ unless otherwise noted. You may be asked for a photo ID at the door, so please remember to bring it! You can also buy children 12 years and under tickets, but only if they sit on your lap. If you’re looking for family shows, visit ticket2concert. If you’re interested in group rates, please contact us online at [email protected].

Cheap Carin León tickets


Why should I see her live?

Believe it or not, Carin has been singing since she was a little girl! He writes her songs and hopes that you will be dancing and singing along with her music one day. For now, though, check out a song or two from her newest album, Entre el Cielo y el Infierno . . . This is sure to be one concert you don’t want to miss! You can even buy tickets from Ticket2concert today at a great price!

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