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Miscarriage jewelry

The loss of a child due to an abortion, birth or baby is a tragedy felt by the whole family. But the sad mother is the one who knows the spiritual, physical and spiritual loss of the unborn soul who asked to experience love and life through her. Part of the funeral process is being able to name your loss and connect the material object with the love of your child that can never be lost. This is where discreet and simple jewelry for pregnancy and disappearance of babies can help over time heal the void.

For some moms, it’s a small reminder that they can wear it forever, yet remain unnoticed, an easy way to remember their unborn or future loved ones with the love that early pregnancy joy brings. The abortion jewelry speaks with a heart and a brass heart with a delicate floral coating with six petals, engraved with an alternate single initial on the silver worm chain in the center, which she loves gently, adorned with a precious soul and it reminds us of beauty. Just for a little life. The healing properties of copper are a key factor in the loss of children’s jewelry.

A simple brass cuff that can be engraved with “My Angel” or “Don’t Forget Me”

Inside or out is another form of souvenir or funeral jewelry that can be worn every day, regardless of the nature of the gift. . Yes. Can be carried without, however be close to a woman who always feels the loss of her child.

Naming a child and celebrating a given life and joy, albeit brief, is an important step in the funeral process. Characteristic but unobtrusive baby loss jewelry can give a contour of love with a silver square charm that can be hand engraved with a personal message or a child’s name, with a delicate heart forever on gold. It is printed. Discs can be framed.

Abortion jewelry is sensitive. Knowing when and how to talk about loss is a daunting task,

 But communicating is a very positive step. Choose loss of mother jewelry that is sweet and warms the tender heart of the mourning mother when she touches it and feels it with her skin. The handmade golden worm souvenir is the perfect touch. A pointed heart imprinted with a child’s footprint, with a little heart charm on which an initial can be carved by hand, gently and lovingly expresses your support and understanding.

Memory jewelry, baby jewelry and abortion jewelry can be a sign of lasting love and remembrance. The charming little 14K gold jewel with the baby’s name engraved on the face and the date of conception, birth or death will always be expensive. Swarovski crystals can be added to celebrate the birth or pregnancy of these treasures that have adorned your life with no less joy and love.

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