Moving and Packing Tips for Fragile Items

Are you moving this summer? If so, you might be concerned about packing up your fragile items to make sure they get to their destination safely. There is no need to worry, with the right packing materials and techniques, fragile items will arrive in one piece. What’s more, packing and moving fragile items can actually be easier than other types of household items.

If you want to avoid a sad incident, here are some tips that you can use while packing the fragile items:

Go Slow

Go slow, take your time and pack them carefully. Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean that you need to be careless. Spend lots of time preparing fragile items for the move so that they don’t end up being damaged. They are delicate enough as it is, so make sure that you’re careful with them. Don’t rush and drop them or bang them against each other during the packing.

Use Proper Packing Materials

It is difficult to move a glass showpiece because this item is extremely delicate. The slightest collision can break it into a million pieces. It is the same case with any other glassware and tableware items. To avoid any sort of accident during transit, you need to pack these items with extreme care. The best way to do that is to use packing materials like blankets, corrugated fiberboard, bubble wrap, heavy-grade paper, etc.

Do the Packing Properly

The first thing that comes to mind while packing fragile items is using bubble wraps and paper to wrap our stuff. This might be fine for unbreakable items, but fragile items required special treatment. One needs to be very careful while packing delicate items such as glassware, chinaware, and glass bottles; they are more prone to breaking if they are not packed properly. Packing fragile items is all about providing the right cushioning and protection they require. However, many people make the mistake of packing fragile items in a haphazard manner.

Glasses and Cups

Glasses and cups are fragile, so you must pack them with care. First, take a newspaper or packing paper, crumple them, and put them inside the glasses to reduce the empty space. Thereafter wrap the glasses in packing paper. Always pack the glasses individually, otherwise will bang against each other and get cracks on their surface. After putting them in boxes, put layers of newspaper to fill the empty spaces. This will prevent them from rolling over when the boxes are moved.


Plates, glasses, and other fragile kitchen items are often the most difficult items to pack. The best material to pack plates is bubble wrap. Take individual plates, wrap them carefully, and stack them vertically inside packing boxes lined with thick layers of paper. Do not put too many plates inside the same box and keep the boxes light.

Electronic Goods

Moving is always an exciting time, but for those with a large number of high-tech gadgets like TV, music systems, etc., the process can be a bit nerve-wracking. These gadgets are hard to pack and move safely. While packing such delicate items in their original boxes might be the best option for some people, it is not always possible. In case you have lost your original packaging or if you have broken the original packaging during the move, then you need to take extra precautions.

If you take the help of packers and movers in new panvel then they will supply you with special boxes that are of the same shape and size as your electronic items.

Lamp Shades:

As you are preparing to move your belongings overseas you may be wondering what happens to your lamps and lamp shades. It is important to remember that all lamps and lamp shades must be dismantled from their stands and packed separately. The ideal packing material for lampshades is bubble wrap and tissue paper. One very important thing to remember here: never pack the shade and the base together, otherwise they will collide against each other and break.

Mark the boxes Clearly:

The boxes containing fragile items should be clearly identifiable so that they can be handled with special care while moving. These days, boxes with the word “fragile” written on them are easily available. You can buy a few of these, or simply demarcate the boxes by putting a sticker or writing on them. If you think that doing this by yourself is going to be a hassle, then you can always hire a reputed professional moving company like Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS Group) to help you out. They are a leading packers and movers company based in India. They are offering household shifting services to their clients. Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS Group) is a well-established name known for its quality services. Whether you need some of your household items shifted or want to shift everything, this company will help you out with the relocation. The company offers complete household & office shifting services at affordable prices. 

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