5 Must Have Banarasi Silk Saree for Your Wardrobe.

Being among one of the finest categories of Indian Ethnic wear for Women, the Banarasi silk saree is known for its rich brocade, quality silk, and magnificent handcrafted work. The elegance and aura of natural silk and the ancient city of Varanasi go hand in hand when choosing one of the most delicate handmade wedding saree. With its origin in one of the world’s oldest cities, Benaras ( now Varanasi ). The stunning pure Banarasi silk saree has impressed the hearts of Indian Brides all over the world.

Retaining the royal feel, ethnicity numerous designs and patterns. These Banarasi silk saree for weddings used to be one of the popular staple wear among the brides of South India. With the current popularity, trend, and raging industry demand, this has become well like other parts of the country. To help you out below, we have sorted out the best Banarasi silk saree for wedding bride .

The Origin of Banarasi saree.

The royal piece of fabric has its existence from the city temples Banaras. The royal material first came into existence during the Mughal era when Muslim artisans and craftsmen chose Banaras as the appropriate place which blends with their culture. This led to the invention of the famous Banarasi silk saree.

Earlier, this saree represented the Mughal-inspired intricate designs, rich floral motifs, and gold and silver embroidery work, affordable to maharajas and affluent people. But with the current vogue, these have become an eye-candy among celebs, designers and new commoners. As a result, these Banarasi silk sarees are now manufactured for weddings, celebrations, and special events, with beautiful zari work replacing the gold and silver work. The wonderful thing about these genuine Banarasi silk sarees is that they blend very well with our country’s other cultures.

Types of Banarasi Silk Saree. 

A Banarasi saree comes in a variety of silk materials. Below are various types of silk material women can go with. 

Gaji Silk Saree

Gaji is a coarse material composed primarily of cotton or silk that is used for Indian traditional costumes. It is  similar to khaddar, a rough, coarse fabric woven by local Julahas (weavers) on handlooms using cotton or silk. Garha was a similar textile with a robust and warm fabric. Variety of printed saree are used are made under the gaji silk. These gaji saree features the coarse surface which comes with the shinny finish. With the variety of saree available in the market the gaji silk bandhani saree is most loved by ladies for different occasions.

Katan ( Pure Silk )

Katan is also known as the pure silk fabric, made from the finest quality of mulberry silk. These threads are then twisted and woven to create the fabric for the silk saree. Once created with the help of handloom. The Katan silk saree is made with the help of a machine which is also known as rapid or power looms. The fabric of Katan banarasi is lovely, soft and shiny, making it famous worldwide.

Dupion Silk ( Khadi Silk ) 

It is another form of natural silk which is lightweight, shimmering and firm in texture. The use of double thread makes it one of the more substantial fabrics across all the ranges of banarasi silk. It is known to have many lumps, the lateral strand for the thread, also called slubs. The Dupion silk is also called the khadi silk. A banarasi saree with dupion silk is resistant the wrinkles. 

Organza Silk ( Kora ) 

Kora silk is another variant of banarasi silk known as organza silk. It is a lightweight plain sheer fabric woven in extremely low density, resulting in transparent or flimsy style fabric. Due to tranparibility, the material is breathable, which overlays to a thicker fabric. 

Chanderi Silk ( Sico ) 

The Chanderi Silk Banarasi saree, commonly known as the SICO, is made from a blend of silk and cotton. The chanderi silk is smooth, durable, and breathable, making it ideal for summer wear. The fabric is famous for giving a luxurious look to your drape. 

Georgette Banarasi Saree 

Banarasi saree in georgette is a piece of art that fulfills all the modern requirements. Georgette is a simple light fabric that is plain-woven. Wrinkled fabric surfaces are formed by severely twisted yarns. The zari work and vibrant dyes of Banarasi silk georgette sarees are well-known. With so much popularity and the saree, the fabric is also used in the production fashionable of dupatta and stoles. 

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