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Nano influencers: making full use of influence

How can a person with a small number of followers become an important brand asset? At first glance, this seems illogical: the fewer followers, the more modest the impact on the target audience. However, market research shows completely different data.

For example, according to the results of a survey by the Must Find platform, only a tenth of consumers are guided by the opinion of large bloggers and media persons, and the rest prefer to listen to lesser-known persons – thus Nano influencers. To win them over to your side means to conquer new markets. But how to do that?

A five-step strategy for American marketers

Step 1

Find Nano influencers who are part of your target audience or are actively communicating with it. To do this, you will need to scour social networks and carefully study the profiles of possible candidates. The same criteria apply here as when working with full-fledged celebrities: age, gender, income, geographic distribution. The goal is not to reach all your followers, but to find active blogs with topics that resonate with you. For example, advertising luxury cosmetics is unlikely to be effective in a blog where the author shares new products from the mass market.

Step 2

Evaluate not only the style of posts but also the technique of communicating with subscribers. How often does a nano influencer reply to comments? Does he run polls or quizzes? What is the atmosphere among the subscribers? Remember that working with a brawler can damage your company’s reputation.

Step 3

Respect the blogger’s personal space. Don’t insist on your promotion strategy. Remember, the Nano influencer knows the specifics of their audience better. The advantage of micro-bloggers lies precisely in creative freedom. Allow them to tell a story in a format that subscribers are familiar with – this ad hits much better than a post based on an advertiser’s template.

Step 4

Support the initiative of Nano influencers. Perhaps the new presentation format will evoke a lively response from the audience and increase the sales of your product.

Step 5

Show bloggers that you value them. The material reward is far from the only method of motivation. It is important for many people to hear words of gratitude for their support and to take an active part in the public life of the organization.

Not every blogger with a four-digit number of subscribers can be considered a Nano influencer. It is important that a person does not just talk about his life or keep a thematic blog, but also subtly advertise to followers the products that he uses himself.

Main formats of cooperation with nano influencers

In Singapore, cooperation with micro-bloggers is only gaining momentum, while in America, specialized agencies have been working for a long time. More often than not, they target the next generation of social media users. Nano influencers aged 14-25 have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, they are well versed in the interests of the target audience and can shape public opinion. A huge plus is that such bloggers are willing to work for a small fee or company products. In addition, they are much more careful about their commitments – unlike Instagram stars.

For example, a blogger with 16 million subscribers accidentally published not only a post that agreed with the advertiser but also instructions for it. The publication from Scott Disick cost the Bootea brand 10-13 thousand euros (according to various sources), and its result was a flurry of criticism from users of the global network. When the blogger noticed his mistake, he simply corrected the signature and added the hashtag #ad.

Expert reviews and testimonials

This is the most common and probably one of the most effective placement formats. Product testing is perceived to be much more positive than other advertising methods. Especially if the post is as similar as possible to the usual reviews from loved ones. The unpacked video is watched with pleasure by viewers of any age.

Even if you do not collaborate with influencers, it is worth monitoring the information field for positive and negative reviews. The former can be referred to by agreement with bloggers, and the latter must be worked out without fail. An ardent critic of a brand may well turn into an equally loyal supporter. The main thing is to deal with the reason for the dissatisfaction.

Social media discussion invitations

A blogger can not only initiate a discussion among his subscribers but also tag a representative or a company page. An expert who joins the conversation increases user confidence. Of course, if he can professionally answer all the questions of the followers.

Guest blogging

Expert columns allow you to attract more attention, increase your brand awareness. In addition to writing posts on the company’s blog, a nano influencer can distribute published content on their social networks. True, link sharing requires special attention: if a blogger is ready to repost any information for money, it is worthwhile to thoroughly study the quality of his audience. Most often, such omnivorousness goes hand in hand with the promotion of subscribers and views.

Paid publications

Not the most successful format for cooperation with bloggers. Paid posts work well on third-party resources, but on social media, they look foreign and immediately catch your eye. The exception is a series of publications that talk about the benefits of the product and the features of its use. But posts should not be of the same type, written in carbon copy.


The strategic level of cooperation with Nano influencers: the expert becomes the face of the brand, and the audience associates the company’s products with a specific person. This format allows you to use all the possibilities of the promotion. It is important to choose the right candidate – a professional whose values ​​will coincide with the brand’s mission.

For example, the Tork company actively collaborated with chef Andrey Makhov. The brand ambassador has participated in the development of a large number of expert and educational materials. The target audience of the action was restaurateurs and chefs.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of an influencer?

Several indicators can be used to measure performance:

  • The number of views will show how many people have seen the content within a certain period. But these numbers do not always correlate with the fact of reading or interacting with the post.
  • Likes, reposts, and comments are more informative. Here you can use data from publicly available statistics, and not rely on the honesty of the blogger.
  • The engagement rate allows you to assess the quality of the blogger’s interaction with the audience.
  • Conversion to sales is the most important metric. To assess it, you can use traffic control from social networks through UTM tags and promo codes.

According to market research, the loyalty of customers who were attracted by nano influencers is, on average, 37% higher than that of those who came through classic advertising. At the same time, the industry is growing at double-digit rates – today the advertising budget is estimated at $ 6-8 billion, and about a third of today’s children dream of blogging or a popular page on social networks.

But there is also a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey. According to BuyFollowersSingapore data, about 90% of bloggers resort to boosting followers and likes. Against this background, cooperation with nano influencers looks even more advantageous – they do not use dubious promotion methods.


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