Naruto Filler List – What’s on This List?

If you have ever watched many an anime pfp series, you may be very familiar with the term of naruto filler episodes, which are anime inserts that come between the original episode of the show. This is not entirely new; actually, it has been around for a while now. However, in Naruto Shippuden, these filler episodes are given more substance than what they had in the past series. Coming to the subject, if you’ve watched many an anime series, you may be familiar with the idea of filler episodes, that are usually focused on non canon content. This article will show you the various non canon episodes types like Canon, Mostly filler, and entirely filler.

First, let us start off this naruto filler list with the classification of mainly canon. These naruto filler episodes are generally centered on events from the manga version of the anime. As the name connotes, these particular filler episodes are made to tie-up loose ends left by the manga adaptation of the anime. For example, in Naruto Shippuden, after Naruto loses his right arm to a snake Jutsu, the filler episode, Konoha Shippudden!, focuses on the townspeople of Konoha trying to deal with their grief.

A bit of an interesting thing about these particular naruto filler list is that they tend to have a very similar feel to their manga versions. When it comes to Naruto Shippuden, these episodes tend to follow the manga story more often than they do the anime version. In addition, they are generally less long than their manga counterparts. On the average, they only last two minutes or so.

Now we come to our second list. This one falls under the classification of “other canon”. An example of this in this vein would be episode 5 of Naruto Shippuden. This filler episode was created as a response to the reaction the Naruto manga had after the defeat of Pain in the anime. Since the manga is based off of a Japanese story, many of the events that were depicted in the anime were not specifically depicted in the manga. These were fillers, but they were depicted in a different style than what was used in the source material.

The second type of filler list is what I call “Haruhi” or “mission” filler. These are generally brief episodes which were made to conclude a specific mission. These generally follow the anime-only story arcs but were made to give closure to certain story threads. In most cases, these are shown after a particular episode of Naruto.

The third and final list is the “other side” list. These include movies, OVA’s, TV series, specials, and other forms of media which are not based on any form of Naruto. They are most commonly seen in the North American media where the story is told from the point of view of the enemy instead of the protagonist.

There is also another very important thing to note about naruto shippuden filler list. Unlike most filler episodes, the filler is not made solely for the purpose of having filler content. Rather it was done to fill in time between the manga’s release and the release of the TV series. For this reason, this type of filler is not actually meant to be enjoyed by anybody other than hardcore fans of Naruto and his associates. Because of this, many fans prefer to watch the original manga rather than this filler material.

There are a lot of advantages to watching naruto episodes after the original manga has been released. One of these is that episodes are often less stressful to watch because you already know what happens throughout the episode. Another advantage to this is that you can often jump back and read certain sections of the manga later on if you feel the need. This has been especially helpful for me as I have gone through several versions of one scene in the anime. I have yet to come across a scene which I felt was done well enough to warrant rewatching an entire episode more read to click here socom m4 combat sling.


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