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Homestays are an expanding phenomenon around the world, and India is one of the most promising countries for this sector, and for excellent reason. After waves of the pandemic slowed down the international and domestic travel the demand of homestays and secluded private villas saw an exponential growth. People prioritise their safety and prefer to stay at private villas with their own private pools and spacious lawns instead of hotels with a large number of guests staying at the same time as you.

In contrast to formal hotels, which have limitations, homestays can provide an experience of true Indian hospitality. Guests are accommodated in the private residence or in separate quarters nearby. And they are recurrently provided with a level of comfort that even the most prestigious hotels cannot hope to match. Ekostay strives to provide a luxurious experience at ekostay villas at an affordable price. Our team is always acquiring premium properties at mesmerising locations in the midst of the soaring hills in Kullu. Lush greenery in lonavala or beaches in Goa. Ekostay villas / apartments / homestays and penthouse are available in any part of India. You wish to travel and unwind at.

For us, the journey begins when you start looking for a private resort on your screen; our sales and marketing team is already working hard to make EKOSTAY appear as the ideal homestay on your top search options. After you chose us, we decided to make your stay as rejuvenating and immersive as the destination itself. Our designated city managers ensure a smooth. And quick check-in so you can spend quality time and make memories in our charming abode. Our professional caretakers will be on hand throughout the day to serve you while you unwind on the private lawns or unwind in the private pools. With an in-house team, we have the workforce to deliver you a hassle-free staycation. So simply CLICK. BOOK. HOLIDAY & let EKOSTAY create the impeccable stay for you and your loved ones.

Carlos Villa – Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the best destinations to visit near Mumbai. During the rains because of its wonderful ambiance during the season. While Mumbai is being swamp by the rains, Lonavala is at its most picturesque, with cloud-kissed cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Lonavala is also refer to as the “City of Caves.” It is blesse with lush green valleys and a pleasant climate all year.

During the monsoon season, Lonavala comes to life as the countryside turns vibrant and  fresh with waterfalls and ponds. Lonavala provides a panoramic view of the Sahyadri ranges’ lush green hills. Come witness the scenic atmosphere in 4BHK Carlos villa in lonavala . This private villa in lonavala  has a private pool. Where you can dip your toes or play a match or two of volley ball in the pool along with a spacious lawn. Where you and your loved ones can lounge and have a warm cup of chai in the chilly climate of lonavala.

Athens Villa – Goa

A perfect stay sounds like a view of pristine gold beaches. Tangled palm trees soaring for the sky. And an aesthetic ambiance in a scenic place and thats exactly what Athens 2BHK Villa in Goa combines to make it your ideal spot for a getaway. This villa overlooks the Coco Beach which  is located on the Mandovi Estuary. Directly opposite Panaji, at the mouth of the Nerul River. The thriving fishing village has risen to prominence in recent years as a result of its beautiful location. And popularity among foreign tourists.

There are frequent boat tours into the Mandovi river and, more importantly, into the bay. Where travellers can participate in one of Coco’s most popular activities: wild dolphin spotting. Athens villa in Goa is distinguishe by its minimalist yet contemporary decor and very cosy seating on the terrace. Where you can enjoy a relaxing evening supper with a view of lush greenery and the never-ending sea and gaze at the most beautiful sunsets with your loved ones.

Bison Penthouse – Kullu

Kullu-Manali, a Himalayan gift to the world, is a lovely township nestle in the picturesque Beas River valley. It is a rustic enclave known for its cool climate and snow-capped mountains, which provide solace to visitors fleeing the scorching heat of the plains. A magnificent 1 BHK penthouse nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by Kullu’s soaring icy mountains. The rustic and cosy atmosphere of Bison Penthouse is complemented by panoramic views of the city and the tranquillity of nature. From stargazing on the patio in the chilly breeze to admiring the unforgettable views. That Kullu has to offer, this winter will be unlike any other snow you’ve ever seen.

So no matter what your vacation plan is an escape to the pristine beaches or a quick staycation in the lush ambience or a hideaway to the chilly hills. Ekostay villas are right at your service to make your experience better than you imagined it to be!

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