6 Animated Films That Are Based on Video Games

Video games movies are a genre, which is not easy to master. Very seldom, you can see an animated movie based on video games getting recognition among the regular movie buffs?

In most cases, these films can only cater to game enthusiasts as the storyline, characterization, and cinematography are not relatable. This makes recommending a video game-based anime movie, not an easy task. You can watch these movies on moviesda and similar free streaming services.

To solve this confusion, here is a list of the top six video games-based animated films, which you can recommend to your fellow:

Resident Evil: Damnation

With an IMDB rating of 6, Resident Evil Damnation is among very few well-accepted movies in this genre. It is the sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration, where fans can main lead Leon S. Kennedy on an investigative mission targeting BOWs (Bioorganic Weapons).

The time is of civil war in Slav republic, and the BOWs are of the same type, which was responsible for Raccoon City havoc in the game. Fighting against betrays, the lead finally comes out alive thanks to Ada Wong and US Government.

Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture

The movie is based on the game Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. The story revolves around 3 original characters of video games; Terry, Andy, and Joe, who are trying to stop a schizophrenic from destroying the whole world.
Laocron is the villain here; the heroes are searching for “ Armor of Mars” to stop him. Eventually, with help of Sulia, who is Laocron’s sister, they manage to defeat the evil.

The IMDB rating of this movie is 6.6.

Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic

Based on the video game Dante’s inferno, the picture shows the lead fighting against hellish creatures to retrieve his wife’s soul. The IMDB rating given to this movie is 6.6.

The movie begins when the lead, Dante, comes from war only to see his beloved family slaughtered. Lucifer snatches the soul of his wife. Dante then becomes violent, fighting through layers of hell displayed in this animated epic

In the end, he manages to retrieve his wife from purgatory.

Final Fantasy VII: The Advent Children

When Geostigma, a fatal disease, is ravaging the world by An Ex-Soldier Cloud comes back with his humongous sword. A group of thugs attacks the children’s Orphanage, and it turns out that they are striving to resurrect Sephiroth.

In typical final fantasy game fashion, the group fights these evils. Eventually, they defeat Sephiroth to bring peace back to the world. You can download the repacked version of this game from fitgirl repack website.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Based on the legendary video game street fighters, the movie sees Ryu joining hands with Ken to destroy the Bison with a combined Hadouken.

The plot sees M. Bason, the devilish leader of Shadowlaw, trying to kill the best fighters in the world. Bison controls the minds of fighters including Ken Masters. After all this destruction, the heroes join forces to end their game.

Animal Crossing: The Movie

Based on video game 6. Animal Crossing: City Folk, the movie was released only in Japan. However, due to the film’s fan base, there are multiple unofficial English dubs out there.

The plot shows the main character Ai migrating to a city where Anthropomorphic animals inhibit. The IMDB rating of this movie is 6.6.


This completes our list of “6 Animated Films That Are Based on Video Games”; The movies have been selected after taking into account the storyline, visuals, characterization, and cinematography.
Unlike others, these adaptations have struck the perfect balance between keeping the original soul intact and blending it with the Big Screen. Do watch them, It would be a fun ride!!!

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