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Marriage Certificate Lost

Find Divorce and Marriage Certificate Lost:

If you wish to find a marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The defendant was entitled to inherit on ordinary share under Islamic Law. That property was mutated in ner favor on the death of her deceased husband for maintenance only was established for marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra. For Marriage Certificate Nadra & Marriage Certificate Pakistan, U need to Know the process of Marriage Certificate Verification By Female Lawyer. ADV Jamila Will provide you the Computerized Marriage Certificate Pakistan & Marriage Certificate Attestation Services online.

Appellate Court:

Findings of Appellate Court to such effect were also maintained aligning with provisions of section 2-A West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law Act, 1962, and thus revision was not maintainable. High Court dismissed revision having no force. Suit for declaration. Plaintiff being the daughter of a deceased landowner, claiming Shari shares in his legacy. Plaintiff filed a lawsuit in 1998, while her father died in 1934, and his inheritance mutations were attested in the years 1934 and 1937.


Defendants plea that suit was barred by Law of limitation given S.2 of West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Application Act, 1962 on marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra. Shariat Appellate Bench of Supreme Court had declared S.2 of Act, 1962 as against injunctions of Islam. Section 2-A added in Act, 1962 by West Pakistan Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) Act (Amendment) Ordinance, 1983 was retrospective in effect and devolution taken place in the year 1940, would not be deemed under custom, and deceased would be deemed as to have died under the domain of Islamic Law and his property would devolve upon all his heirs under Law of Shariah. Period of limitation would not apply to rights of Inheritance for the Law of Sharia being superior. A person legally entitled to the legacy of his propositus could not be deprived of the same in the wake of technical objections.

Divorce Certificate Nadra:

Legal heirs on marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra would be deemed owners of property left by their propositus irrespective of the period of his death and the fact that they had not been recorded as owners in the Revenue Record. Revenue record being used for the fiscal purpose would not create a title in whose favor same had been attested. Whether female or male, it would deprive no lawful owner of his/her due rights devolved in the Law of Sharia. No Law would bar remedy available to a person seeking the right to Inheritance in the property of their father even if launched proceedings after the passage of an extended period based on marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra.


Plaintiff being the daughter of the deceased was entitled to her shari share in the suit land. The Law of limitation did not bar the claim. Thus, it was decreed in the circumstances. The last complete male owner died in 1930. Mutation of Inheritance in favor of two sons, The daughters under Customary Law Suit by daughter (plaintiff) claiming to excuse possession of suit-land allegedly had received her share in produce to be 1991. After that, her brothers stopped paying her share in produce, and she knew about such a mutation.

Receipt of share of produce by the plaintiff under the second brother was admitted by her first brother in his written statement regarding the marriage certificate lost or divorce certificate Nadra. Other heirs also conceded the claim. Therefore, plea or second brother of the plaintiff was not entitled to any share in her father’s estate.

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